The Post Gone By – April 3

My friend Bill (@ASillyPlace) has been very gracious over the years supporting my humble blog and my writing. So when he asked me to participate in a writing project, I said yes. Of course, it’s me, so this — The Post Gone By (see what I did there – it’s a nod to his page) … Continue reading

Level 2: Achieved

Level 2: Achieved

I’m a tad late to the Pandemic party — but it’s been a year. I don’t have much to say about it except that when looking through my photos on my Google drive, and my phone, I realized the only photos and memories I have of the first few weeks of the lockdown are of … Continue reading


I am 13. This is what I think. I have yet to learn What sounds right and what sounds mean. I have NO filter. I have NO screen. But you have NOT lived, The life that I lead. I have plans for tomorrow. I live for today! I’m also afraid of tomorrow, And what they … Continue reading

We all hold keys

I have been dreading addressing the girls’ questions about the future. I know at least one (Olena) was very serious… the other, well, not as much. She instead was focused on trying to be funny. A bit like her mother… “If I’m funny or make a joke, no one will be concerned with my feelings? … Continue reading

Oh, my heart…

This one stings. Lately, a lot of Olena’s comments have stung… This morning, as I was commenting on another autism group’s Facebook post, Olena — who once said she is never in my blog because she is, and I quote, “the only normal one,” just looked at me with no expression on her face whatsoever … Continue reading

Three Years

Today, three years ago, we began a journey of healing. Along with it came intense frustration at the lack of services in Central New York for those on the severe end of the autism spectrum. At a time of severe crisis we found there wasn’t an inpatient treatment program to adjust the mental health needs … Continue reading

2020 Revisited

Greetings 2021. Welcome. We made it through our first Monday of the year, and hopefully you’ve remembered that it is ’21. The time between Christmas and New Year’s (and, for us, Ukrainian Christmas) is a total blur. But being it is 2021 and we’re looking at more time in quarantine, I figured I should review … Continue reading