From These Hands

This is not a triplet-related post but it is, I think, an important one. On the drive home from work today I was thinking about all the things my hands have done during my lifetime. They have written, or logged, millions of words. They covered my uncanny ability to laugh inappropriately when my kids get hurt … Continue reading

HolyCats! How’d that get away from me?

It’s true. It happens. LIFE with triplets can overwhelm and consume you. But, it’s all good. Truly. So, without any delay, here’s what up with the MLITHH (wow, that’s an awful acronym). Yes, my last post was in July. I had to abandon ship, if you will, because at the time I was searching for … Continue reading

A Kick in the Pants

I haven’t been writing. Those who know me personally already know why (besides being a mom to triplets which keeps me exhausted). First, it’s not health related…(thankfully)  but I’ve been dealing with an issue for 3 years now but I can’t delve too much. Seriously, I am… stuck. And my optimism is broken. Caput. Gone. Today … Continue reading

Sorry, #NotSorry

We have been busy. No excuses. Really… Just haven’t been up to writing. Heck, even running so yes you KNOW it’s bad. There are a lot of things going on right now that are keeping me busy and exhausted so when it comes time to do my Tuesday post I’m all tuckered out. But, don’t … Continue reading

Girls Weekend

A weekend away from the boys was in order as we gathered to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of Rob’s cousin and her beloved… This meant a huge change in schedule for us, and a ton of driving into Pennsylvania and south Jersey. On top of that it marked the first time ever I had been … Continue reading

We Did It

Or, should I say, he did it. That would be Theo. Surviving the day.   You see my boy, The Boss, did not have school today. Which means a change in schedule. Such a drag. But it also brought with it changing weather and a high wind advisory. For Theo, our weather prognosticator, it was, … Continue reading

Beware the ides of March

It’s been a long Winter — I’ve addressed that earlier. And since it’s the half-way point of the month of March (beware) we’ve seen a taste of spring!! And with that we’ve seen Theodore improve greatly! Well, minus the time change thing… he seems to be happier, a bit more relaxed, and glad he doesn’t … Continue reading

Daylight Savings Time is…

Yes, #DST hit the Triplet household hard. Two things: Oh Gretchen woke up SWINGING Sunday morning. Yes, she stayed up late (two nights in a row actually) and MAN was she having NOTHING Sunday morning. Picking fight, after fight. Thank goodness the weather was pleasant and she got outside… And, the DAY after… Theodore, my … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day — the Sweetest Day

I was signed up for Olena’s Valentine’s Day party. On top of keeping Theo in check this winter, and dealing with Gretchen who seems to just want to fight, I almost forgot about it when my lovey girl reminded me. “Mom, you signed up for Valentine’s Day,” she said. (Actually, dad signed me up for … Continue reading