Don’t mask your advocacy

Covid-19. Game changer. For us all. In an effort to increase autism awareness AND keep people safe, we’ve partnered with @pinkys.designs for custom masks. The masks are $6 each (plus $5.95 for shipping). A portion of the proceeds will help us continue to share our story and advocate for our favorite autie — Theodore. The … Continue reading

Lesson learned

My companion Facebook page jumped in likes yesterday and now I’m connecting with 500+ folks. Thanks for joining me. And welcome!! Yesterday you joined me on a day where someone forgot the power of Social Media and the Internet. It was a lesson I learned back in junior high: DON’T PUT IT IN WRITING and, … Continue reading

This gown yields answers

This gown yields answers

This was the gown I wanted to wear this week. That gown holds some serious power, and that purple is certainly royal. (it’s a screen shot… from google. Don’t hate): But, instead, this was gown I was sporting: I got word that my specialist, Dr. Z., was able to get me in for a colonoscopy … Continue reading

Your opinion matters.

Like your child, your opinion will and SHOULD be different than others. Covid-19. Still wreaking havoc on our friends and neighbors, and still raging across the country. I, like most parents, have an opinion on what should happen this fall. You ready for it? Here it is. It DEPENDS. Oh it depends on so many … Continue reading

And, this. Really? Now?!

Thanks, body. A few weeks back, while Theo was in Pittsburgh, I was experiencing a flare up. I thought it was like all the others. But I ended up in the ER after midnight at the end of June. But before I move forward, lets rewind a few years. Long story short this mama has … Continue reading

Can running be fun again?

I’m a runner. Not just a runner, but a distance runner. But for three years now, almost to the day, I was diagnosed with Achilles Tendinitis. At first it was just in my left ankle. Now it’s in both. I saw a specialist and right off the bat they told me I’d need surgery. Problem … Continue reading