Late on Sunday Night

It’s 10:33 p.m. and I’m writing in a hurry so I can get to bed…finally. Tomorrow I have the triplets all to myself as its Presidents’ Day and Rob has to work. I’ve planned to take them to mom’s to break up the day a bit. I hope Theodore cooperates and the girls don’t get too wound up.

But my thoughts are miles away. I guess I should introduce myself and tell you a bit about our kids and why I’ve decided to get into blogging.

I Blame Utica College

How far back is too far? I met my husband, Rob, at Utica College. He was not from Utica where I thought I was stuck at the school. I grew up less than a mile away from the college, went to New York Mills High School, and never could get rid of the Orange and Blue!! So there I was, an unhappy sophomore at Utica College, when I met the transfer student from New Jersey.

He was different. And I was just too shy. Which worked out because — guess what?! — he was too. Took him months to get up the courage to just ask me out. We met in September, and he asked me out in April — APRIL! I have been hooked ever since.

First Comes Marriage

We were married for quite some time before the thought of kids even entered our collective minds. I felt ready, then one thing lead to another — new job(s), chance to travel, etc. — so we put it off. Finally, in 2005, while on the vacation of a lifetime, we decided to go for it. Let’s start this family. Let’s do it right. Wouldn’t it be great if it happened here? It didn’t.

I’m Broken

A year-and-a-half after trying, with minimal help, we had to seek assistance. We visited a wonderful fertility specialist in Central New York who got to the root of the problem. After a series of tests they determined we were both physically fine (above normal in fact). However, I was infertile. I was broken.

I have too much progesterone and what is called a luteal phase defect… and that means I can’t support a normal cycle. No cycle, no period. No period, no pregnancy. It was quiet the hit. I couldn’t understand why on earth I couldn’t do the one thing a woman is supposed to do?!

Hear my Prayer

So on we went… I’ll spare the details but we talked about our future family… I wanted one. I grew up the youngest of five kids, and I always remembered how hard it was getting to do anything. My mom was busy at home. Dad was always working. I realized at an early age how hard it was not only to travel with your family, but to find the time to do so. And I didn’t feel bad about it, but it always seemed as though my classmates were always traveling somewhere. So one child would be great…(especially after all the poking and prodding).

My husband wanted two. After all, kids need kids to play with. Let’s try for two.

Days before the procedure (our second time around) I prayed to God to help us start that family. We were running out of time (and money).

Well, he (or she) certainly has a sense of humor because we got three! The day I got word about the triplets I laughed and cried, then called my husband to tell say, “we’re going to have to upgrade from the Focus.”

…Sheesh! It’s almost 11 p.m. … Tomorrow I will continue the story. The ridiculously high risk pregnancy, the angels on the 9th floor, and bringing babies home…


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