Triplet Arrival

Congratulations, You’re Beyond Pregnant

I was pregnant and my numbers were through the roof, although the first official ultrasound showed one baby. A few weeks into the pregnancy I had some spotting, bleeding. Being new to this I freaked out and they took me in to do an emergency ultrasound… Scared, nervous, thinking I was about to lose it all I heard something I’ve never heard a nurse say before, “Are you ready for this mama?”

NO, but yes, we are ready.

That was approximately 6 weeks into the pregnancy. By 8 weeks it was obvious I was more than a little pregnant (that always makes me laugh when I hear that). And, by then, I was horribly sick with all-day sickness, not this morning stuff they talked about. I had so many hormones rushing through my body that it was a struggle to do anything. Eating small meals constantly, sticking to the things that wouldn’t make me sick — I relied on peanut butter, ginger, lots of oranges, bagels and cream cheese, waffles….TONS of waffles. I craved ice cream but luckily we never had any in the house. At work you may as well had attached a feed bag to me… constantly eating.

Other than the sickness, there were other complications. I dare not say anything until 10 weeks and even then there was no guarantee that I’d end up with triplets. My sciatica was shot by week 8. I couldn’t breathe because my sinuses were constantly inflamed. There were the UTIs that I couldn’t take anything for (just drank tons of water to flush out the bacteria). Then the miserable head cold/virus/bronchitis/ thrush (THRUSH!!! you don’t even want to know what that is or ever have that) that plagued me toward my 6th month, which lead to my going on disability. Constant nose bleeds. I was a joy to be with but as my good friend Susan said “you were very stoic.”

Combine to that the fact that I may not carry the triplets to term and that early on they told me that Baby A would have Downs Syndrome based on the nucal fold. How I cried and worried. I could have an amnio done but I was so paranoid about what the test could do to the pregnancy, plus having been poked and prodded enough I decided instead to have a specific blood test done. When I found out that the test was inconclusive because they did not have another triplet mom to compare the test to I thought, “the hell with this. I’m not doing any more testing.” So I stopped the extra tests, and I stopped worrying about it. As a mom-to-be, you have enough going on to not have to worry about a special needs kid.

That being said, I loved EVERY minute of the pregnancy. After all, I did have — oh, 3 good weeks in January. But I was just not feeling well the whole time. I’m not the only one who had a pregnancy like this and I’m sure there are a few women out there experiencing the same thing now. It all works out. We all got here somehow.

By February I was on house arrest. By March, hours shy of my 25th week, I was admitted to Crouse Hospital in preterm labor. Hello maternity ward — I will now call you home.

Amazing Angels

The first night and subsequent nights in the maternity ward was sheer hell. Why? I couldn’t possibly have these babies at 25 weeks. They want you to relax and yet how am I supposed to relax with extremely early births on my mind. Not to mention how are these babies going to survive? I fought everyone. I fought the Ambien they gave me. I was basically out of it (and so if you saw me in the hospital at that time I apologize for anything I did or said. I really don’t remember much other than how sleepy the magnesium sulfate made me). I was given 2 steroid shots to help the babies lungs mature. And, like I said, was given magnesium sulfate which made me incredibly loopy. I was tired. I was hungry. I couldn’t get comfortable.

It wasn’t until 28 weeks when I finally gave in and said to myself, if I’m still here I’m going to make the best of it for these babies.

One Phone Call

My very good friend Jean (AuntieJean) Palmer called one night to see how I was doing. She was due to go to a volunteer meeting and wanted to update everyone. I was great. Things were good, so I said. Little did I know that night I would be going into labor. Me and my big mouth.

Around 8 p.m. I lost some fluid… they changed my sheets. I told my husband I’d be OK and to go home. They monitored me the rest of the night. I occasionally had labor pains…and by 1 a.m. they were coming quicker and quicker. As a precaution they took me up to labor and delivery. I called Rob and told him, but reminded him not to worry (I had been up to L&D three times during the past 3 weeks). They were going to try to stop delivery.

By the time I got upstairs, it was too late. Baby A was making a break for it. Last thing I remember is trying to use my cellphone to call my sister MaryAnn to ask her to come. They took my phone and called her house for me. This was it. Rob wasn’t there yet. My sister was en route. And they were prepping me for a C-section. I was afraid to get attached. I just remember asking the team (all female btw) if I was going to be OK. Something inside told me not to get attached to those babies. Not yet anyway…

Baby A came at 2:06 a.m.

Baby B at 2:07 a.m.

Baby C at 2:08 a.m.

Rob, who saw the babies being wheeled away to the NICU, joined me at 2:09 a.m. (Little did I know that MaryAnn, who lives in Utica, beat Rob to Crouse Hospital in Syracuse and she was waiting for me.)

They had made quite an entrance.

It wasn’t until we rang the lullaby three times that it hit me — the triplets are here. I never cried harder in my life.

Little did I know the hardest part was about to begin.

Next up: Three Months in the NICU and Bringing Babies Home


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