Posted in March 2012

Happiest of Birthdays

It’s 11:25 p.m. as I start this and I really should be going to bed. Today we celebrated five years with our triplets, our sweet three, our former NICU-ers… and in a blink of an eye they are five. FIVE! How did that happen? It has been one celebration after another as we tend to … Continue reading

Today’s Celebration

Olena, for all that went wrong today, did awesome at her follow-up appointment at the Ears, Nose, Throat clinic at Upstate University Hospital. We have been back and forth┬áto the ENT/ER/OR since Olena was 9 months old due to bronchial stenosis which caused her to get croup at the drop of a hat. Today we … Continue reading

What Happens at Night?

Rob: “See you downstairs.” Me: “OK” Gretchen (or was it Olena?) “Mom, what will you guys do downstairs?” Me “Probably drink!” Pushing Buttons Parents, admit it. Some days┬áthose precious little charges of yours just push your buttons. Today, it was Olena. Now, she is a pro at this. She also really LOVES an audience, whether … Continue reading

Run Like the Wind

Running Makes Everything Else OK Almost one year ago to the day I did something I never thought I’d do again: I signed up for my first road race. I had no choice. There was no turning back. I had 5 months to get in shape and take to the road for my first 5K … Continue reading

Taking in the Sunshine

Beautiful Day, Happy Smiles I had the chance to pick up the kiddos a little early and, wow, am I lucky or what? Again the temps were nearly 40 degrees on the plus side for this time of year (we were in the 70s people). We got home early. Put our backpacks away. Had some … Continue reading

The Dreaded Phone Call

Everyone Has Bad Days As soon as the number came up on my phone my heart sank… It was a call from Utica. It was about Theodore. His teacher, Tammy, had called to inform me that Theo had huge meltdown and tried to hit his head on the floor. She did exactly what I would … Continue reading

The Importance of Reading

Building a Good Student with Reading We have been reading to the kids from the NICU days up to today. We continue to do so even though Theodore no longer sits still to listen to the story, and may be roaming around his room OR half asleep due to his nighttime medicines. Even so, we … Continue reading

Olena, Fashion Police

Move Over Joan My little almost 5-year-old daughter is becoming quite the fashion plate with plenty of advice to give. And BOY did she give it to me today…and all before 9 a.m. She clearly needs a seat on the Fashion Police set. First, she had a problem with my PJ top. “Ma. You wore … Continue reading

Good Call Dr. Mom

Moms DO know Best After dealing with numerous illnesses over the years moms out there unwillingly become the experts with no medical degree needed. Today Gretchen is home. She became ill at a St. Patrick’s Day party, thanks to germs she caught from Olena… And she was the LIFE of the party, greeting everyone, meeting … Continue reading