More Energy

Loud Mouths, Feet, and Joy… All Over the House

It’s not even 9 a.m. as I’m writing this and already the triplets have the run of the house. The girls are right next to me playing with some stuffed animals (lady bugs — not the real ones this time), and Theo is upstairs exploring with his pop tube in hand. I can tell he’s happy because he’s flipping it back and forth. At least I know where he is.

Last night we all ate dinner (hooray!!), including Theodore, at the DeWitt Wegmans. As you can imagine we don’t get to do that much, especially with Theo’s preferred foods…but there are several advantages to eating at Wegman’s.

  • There’s lot of room for Theo to roam around.
  • We can always get more of Theo’s favorites while we are there.
  • The girls have a selection of favorites to choose from.
  • We (Rob and I) can get up or take shifts to get food, make bathroom runs, etc.

I wasn’t sure how Theo was going to deal with the change in routine but he did well. No meltdowns at Wegman’s, and everyone there seemed too busy to notice when he was rocking back and forth on my lap. And Rob and Theo went home early — a good idea since we didn’t want to push him – and by an hour in he was showing signs of a potential meltdown.

Gretchen, Olena and I then stayed to shop for our groceries for the week. We had a serious issue with cart alignment. We had managed to get the twin seat attachment for the cart, but whoever attached the seat to the cart really wasn’t paying attention. I’m surprised we didn’t take more people down on our way through the grocery aisles although I almost lost Olena in a display of bamboo…heee hee hee. The wilds of Wegman’s I guess.

Not a Typical Saturday

So, as the triplets run around the house, I have the task of helping Rob pack for a trip for work. He’s going to Amsterdam and he’s gone before, but this time I’m more nervous about it… probably because the kids are more aware that daddy’s going to be gone for the week.

On the plus side, I have plenty of helpers stopping by to visit and help lighten the load, or at least provide some adult conversation when I need it most (like the kids witching hour, right before bed, when they all get a little bit crazy).

So, energized on two cups of coffee, I am off to help Rob pack.

Wish us luck today and the rest of the week. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of stories to share.


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