Things I Learned this Weekend

Class is in Session

I may be the parent, but I don’t know everything. In fact, I’m definitely the student. Here are several things I learned or was reminded of this weekend:

  • If it’s sunny out, and Theo hasn’t seen the bus yet, he will, indeed, try to make a run for it. Please remember to lock the door, and keep a favorite toy handy.
  • Onondaga Lake Parkway is a great place to play. If no one else is on the playground, there’s a reason. Especially when there’s a high wind warning in the area.
  • Kids lie. Kids lie when they want to play. If you ask a kid (in this case, Gretchen) if she’s cold but you see that she is physically shaking, just don’t ask the question… Just take her back to the car. The shaking should have given it away.
  • Kids are smart AND funny. While pulling into Onondaga Lake Parkway, Olena said “Oh, Sylvan Beach.” We laughed. “NO, we drove a little farther than that, we’re at Onondaga Lake.” “Oh, I’m (emphasis on the “I”) sorry I got the name wrong mom.” Olena — 4 going on 16.
  • Theodore does not like Carousel Center at 4:20 p.m.
  • Not quite sure what overwhelmed him, but Theo obviously thinks that walking on the floor on the future Destiny USA site is like putting your bare feet on hot lava. Not happy. Not letting go of mom’s neck. I am the boss – but I will go boneless – if you try to put me down again. Seriously.
  • Gretchen will pick out the most expensive item in Old Navy, even in the clearance section.
  • Theodore still does not like Carousel. Old Navy is not fooling him.
  • Adults dealing with the Conrad triplets should ALWAYS have a plan before-hand, especially when mom and Theo have to make a beeline for the bathroom which is in a super duper secret locked location at the back of the store.
  • When in doubt, Olena will dart for mom even if mom can’t see her.
  • Thankfully, Olena will sit at the front register, tears in her eyes but not crying, when she can’t find mommy or her siblings or Auntie Jean.
  • Mommy needs to treat all her kids as if they’re 5, not 15.
  • If we ever try to go to the mall again, the triplets may need one more adult to supervise.
  • Olena knew to stay put even when mommy had her brother, and Auntie Jean had Gretchen. That’s my girl!
  • Auntie Jean, just as I do, gets confused on the layout at Carousel. The parking garage doors all look the same.
  • Olena will never forget about how we tried to lose her at Old Navy. Not funny now. Maybe when she is 15 (and buying things at Old Navy) we will all laugh at this. Maybe.
  • Losing Olena at Old Navy does not give her the advantage over her siblings when it comes to shopping there. File that away for the future.
  • Gretchen immediately has to pee whenever she leaves a building that has several public rest rooms.
  • Thruway rest stops are NOT built for Gretchen at ALL!

I will say this: thank goodness for cellphones. In the middle of the Old Navy debacle, I called Jean to tell her I had Olena. It was at that point she realized what was going on. It was also at that point that Jean realized she was in the wrong garage.

To prevent any other unfortunate incidents, we headed home. Baths for the trips. And a mani-pedi session for the girls. Olena got her frustrations off of her chest, so to speak, to Auntie Jean. While she was mad, and I’m glad Olena didn’t hold her feelings in, I told Olena that what she really needed to do was take it out on me.

More importantly we had to focus on this: We are all safe. We tried something new. And we will know better and plan better for next time.

Even if the floor feels like it’s molten lava…


6 thoughts on “Things I Learned this Weekend

  1. We all learned A LOT from this weekend! I am glad that Olena got her frustrations out, too. It’s never good to hold it in – I know that all too well. I knew something was bothering her and it’s okay that she got it all out to me. But, I’m glad that we all talked about it. I never wanted anything to happen to her and I think she knows that.

    Live and Learn! 🙂

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