Why I Love my Town

Something About a Small Town

Rob and I settled in Canastota because  it was smack-dab in the middle of our commute. I went to Rome to report on all the happenings as a general assignment reporter for the Daily Sentinel. Rob was working public relations for Mark Russell & Associates in Syracuse.

At the time Canastota was only a resting place…home, but not really…just somewhere with quick access to the Thruway, so we could go east or west, and we were gone most of the time.

Fast forward a few years and I got involved with the International Boxing Hall of Fame. In Canastota, if you’re not working at the HOF the first full weekend of June you’re getting out that weekend. Boxing enthusiasts from all over the world come to Canastota to take in a weekend of induction festivities. It’s a big party and you cannot help but pick up the passion for the sport, and its people, from Executive Director Ed Brophy.

As a volunteer, Ed jokes that you should plan life events around the induction weekend. Of course our due date was June 20. (You already know we didn’t make that date… and he was so disappointed in the original date. Of course, he was kidding…).

Friends Became Family

Since joining the Hall of Fame as a volunteer they have treated us like family. Connecting us to our adopted home town, and, more importantly, introducing us to a host of neighbors we would not have met otherwise.

I bring this up because this morning, and tonight, I welcomed two folks into our house to help with the triplets who I wouldn’t have met without the hall of fame, Charlene Barres and Betsy Regulbuto.

Charlene lives just a few doors away from us. She has been on team triplet, and specifically Team Theo, from the get-go. I can’t tell you the number of nights, days, weekends we have called her and she’s come right over to help. She’s very good about checking on us, in sickness and in health. The kids love her so much that the girls were very excited to learn that the bus stop would be at Charleeeeene’s. And when Theo takes his neighborhood walk, he always — ALWAYS — goes up her front steps to her door. He is a great judge of character and he’s loved Charlene from the start.

Betsy lives in our neighborhood and is around the corner from us. Betsy, too, was indispensible in those early triplet days. I remember her coming over several times, helping around the house, watching the trips so I could get a mid-day nap, and letting me cry on her shoulder especially in those early, crazy days. Like Charlene, I’ve also called Betsy in the middle of the day, on weekends, and she’s come right over to help. I remember one particularly bad spell when she came over to assist in manning the sick ward while we searched for a specific antibiotic for Gretchen… The TV room transformed into a triage. Gretchen and Theo in their infant seats propped up in an effort to drain their sinuses. Each had a humidifier on super high output pointing right at them. Both needed nebulizer treatments. We fed both of them with oral syringes! All in an effort to lick whatever cold virus they had at the time.

Both Betsy and Charlene has always helped out, no matter what plagued us at the time.

But Now, We Play

Today, although Charlene didn’t have much time this morning, the focus of their visits was so much different. Don’t me wrong, we were just as busy, but it seemed more relaxed and not as intense as those early infant days.

  • The girls were snuggled up with Charlene watching the news this morning (I think they also snuck in some Looney Tunes)
  • The girls and Betsy had a beautiful tea party/picnic going before laundry came out, and the girls found new uses for a red slip and a pair of underwear (I am throwing them out right now).
  • Bath time and plenty of reading tonight with Betsy was just priceless!
  • And Theo was just going with the flow!

I can’t say enough about my neighbors, and the many baby volunteers (you’ll be introduced to them in other posts), who have stopped by to help. I feel so blessed to have neighbors like this, and to have made such friends. Who would have ever thought that an event that celebrates the sweet science would bring us together?



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