Silver and Gold

“Make new Friends
But Keep the Old
One is Silver
and the Other’s Gold.”

Our BFF Auntie Jean

Auntie Jean reads to the triplets 3/8/12

Well, if that’s the case, my friends are truly a treasure, especially Auntie Jean.

She Really Should have Run

The first time I met Jean was when I was working at Utica College and she was an intern. She had the unfortunate luck of meeting me after I had my third car accident, which gave me a lovely neck brace and one raging headache. I think my first words to her was “it’s worse than it looks.”

We’ve been friends ever since. And I can’t ask for a better friend, or auntie, period!


She has shared this journey with us and has been there for the ups and downs, for every laugh and every tear, every heart ache and every celebration. And, more importantly, she has become Olena’s BFF. We joked as we noticed how Olena would run right over to her immediately…

“Auntie JEEEAAAAAAaaannnnnnnnn!”

We figured it wouldn’t be long before Olena, with her beloved Snoopy in tow, would hop on her tricycle and pedal it all the way to Jean’s house, just to see her BFF.

Her visits, like so many of our friends, have gone from assisting mom and dad when the kids needed it most, or when they were sick, to coming over to actually play with the kids.

Her visits mean so much to us. She keeps me going and focused on what’s important: doing what’s best for Gretchen, Theodore, and Olena.

And she brings us Holland Farm’s Half Moon cookies 🙂

I am so blessed.

Thank you Auntie Jean for EVERYTHING you do.

Who is better than you?


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