Pink Eye Def Con

What is THAT?!

It’s been a while since we’ve experienced any sickeness aside from general congestion and allergy noses and sounds…

and that’s when I spot it.

Last night. Olena. Left eye. Non-stop goo….

It was Pink Eye Def Con: 2

“Olena, what is that?” (like she’d know)

“Ma, what?”

Your eye. Are you OK?

Ma, I’m OK. My eye though…

What? It’s, ugh, you have pink eye.

Ma, I don’t want a pink eye.

Infection Overdrive

Last year about this time Olena got pink eye. She got it twice and, if I remember correctly, we all got it. I loved it so much I too managed to get it TWICE and then went on to ruin my contacts, eye makeup, makeup applicators, etc.

This time I am not taking any chances. I washed her eye out with water and a little bit of soap but the gooeyness continued. I blotted it with a wash cloth. And removed all hand towels to the laundry room for immediate wash. Raced upstairs and changed Olena’s pillow cases and sheets. Made sure everything, including her well-loved Snoopy, got treated.

Rob and I both took our contacts out.

I was a mad woman!

Seeing the Doctor

This morning when she woke up she looked better, but her eye was still irritated. I didn’t even put contacts in just to be safe. And, even better, no one else had pink eye.

The doctor’s visit went well. They don’t think it’s pink eye per se but she does have an eye infection so they’ve prescribed antibiotic drops which she will need four times a day for a week, until our follow-up.

She’s also been put on Nasonex nasal spray to help cut down on the congestion, and we can give her some Robitussin cough.

Considering all the things she has had, this seems quite mild and she took it quite well. She does sound very stuffy but the best part was she was just glad to have some one-on-one time with mom and dad!!

Hopefully this will pass — and soon!


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