Good Call Dr. Mom

Moms DO know Best

IMAGE Gretchen chillin

That's my girl, smiling and looking cute, even with a fever.

After dealing with numerous illnesses over the years moms out there unwillingly become the experts with no medical degree needed.

Today Gretchen is home. She became ill at a St. Patrick’s Day party, thanks to germs she caught from Olena… And she was the LIFE of the party, greeting everyone, meeting a real-live Toby (her favorite bunny is named Toby), playing with Molly and Mufi (poodles), and having  a good time.

Party Girl

Gretchen was moving from room to room, loving those puppies and getting lots of kisses.

G “I think Mufi wants to kiss me.”

“He kissed me mommy. He likes me.”

“Hi puppies! They like me.”

…a few moments later…

Me “Do you want something to eat?”

G “No, I want to play.”

And away she ran…

I kept a careful eye on her and her brother, who had (and has) a serious case of Spring Fever. He couldn’t get outside fast enough.

With that in mind I kept asking her if she wanted to go home.


“Not yet.”

“No, let’s stay.”

About two hours into the party I saw it… the goo in her right eye. Ugh. Not again. And to think it wasn’t contagious. The doctor jinxed us when he said Olena’s illness was not contagious.

My heart sank when she turned to me, with big droopy eyes and fatigue setting in, and said “Let’s go home.”

Rest and Recovery

Gretchen has been fighting a rolling fever since Saturday and BOY is she miserable. Look at her wrong, and she starts to cry. It’s never easy when you don’t feel well, but when Dr. Mom keeps checking your temperature, the only thing you consume is Tylenol and Motrin, and your brother likes to take your sports bottle just so he can shake it while running all over the house leaving a trail of juice behind…I can see why she is not herself.

Olena, on the other hand, recovered quite quickly from her illness…minus it affecting her asthma. Saturday morning when she was at her worst I had called our doctor. While the doc we saw on Thursday was not in, we got the NP who simply said take her to the ER.

We are on a first name basis with the ER staff at Oneida and Upstate University hospitals. Olena wasn’t in need of medical attention at the ER. Her temp was going down thanks to the Motrin and Tylenol, and she wasn’t wheezing but was struggling while she was eating because she was so stuffy. We decided NOT to take her. Besides, we have a nebulizer here and can administer medicine which she responded to quite nicely.

So when Gretchen came down with the same symptoms I thought for sure she’d kick it out by today. NO such luck.

Fever In, Fever Out

Last night, after we thought her fever had left, it came back. Ugh. We decided to keep her home on Monday, and we each took half days to care for her. She woke up later than normal, just before 9, and I realized that although she felt cool when I took her temp she still had a fever.


Theo, with serious spring fever, ate dirt yesterday. Too funny!

And on Another Note

While the girls have passed their germs back and forth, Theo instead has something else which I mentioned earlier: SPRING FEVER. Since Saturday he’s wanted to be outside. Doesn’t care what it is, as long as it’s outside. Made dealing with a sick girl hard so I eventually gave in and brought EVERYONE outside yesterday afternoon. The temperature was near 80 degrees in Canastota, almost a whole 40 degrees above average temperatures for this area for March.

And when he’s not outside screaming and hooting because he’s so happy, he’s doing that from room to room… it’s so much better on the ears to be outside when he does it.

He’s happy and in a good mood and at least his fever is the one you want to catch.

Until next time…


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