Olena, Fashion Police

Move Over Joan

My little almost 5-year-old daughter is becoming quite the fashion plate with plenty of advice to give. And BOY did she give it to me today…and all before 9 a.m.

She clearly needs a seat on the Fashion Police set.

First, she had a problem with my PJ top.

“Ma. You wore THAT to bed?”

Yes I did, boss. Why?

Ugh. I wore this nice purple shirt that matches my PJ pants…

Oh  Olena.

So Many Choices!

Second, the problem was her pants. They weren’t “short pants” also known as capris. And she was frantically changing from one pair of red leggings, to sparkly black and silver leggings (fabulous!), then the marathon trying on of the capri pants. Sorry, short pants. (Don’t correct her, she’ll start all over.)

Almost 15 minutes later, and after telling her she could choose the lady bug pattern or the polka dots, she chose the lady bugs.

I Can’t Be Seen in That, Ma?!!

Finally who knew that a belt…a sparkly pink belt with flowers on it, would cause the next fashion faux pas.

“Ma, can I pack another pair of pants in my back pack just in case, you know, these fall down.”

(Trying not to burst out laughing)

No, Olena, you don’t need another pair of pants. You have a belt upstairs. You were just playing with it. Go get it and you can wear it today.

Maaaahhhmmmuh!! I don’t want to wear that belt. I don’t want the kids to see me in a belt. (imagine her horrified look…NOW! with pseudo pout for good measure….)

Ok. She is almost 5. What is it going to be like when she’s 15? Heck, 8?!

Without saying a word, I got up from the table, got her medicines and her breakfast, and hoped she’d eat soon so I wouldn’t have to hear any more orders from little miss Fashion Police.

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