The Importance of Reading

Building a Good Student with Reading

We have been reading to the kids from the NICU days up to today. We continue to do so even though Theodore no longer sits still to listen to the story, and may be roaming around his room OR half asleep due to his nighttime medicines. Even so, we continue to read. Everything from the Post-Standard (within reason) to recipes and more.

Today the girls came home with a brochure announcing that Canastota has been selected to participate in Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. This program basically encourages parents to read to their preschool children and each month a carefully selected book is mailed to homes in the 13032 zip code until the child reaches 5 years of age.

This program is FREE!


Not only does reading early build good students, but it establishes a bond between parents and children, aunts and nieces, baby-sitters and their charges. It also opens up a wonderful world of imagination and possibilities all while never leaving the comforts of home.

I remember going to the New York Mills library with my mom, and my siblings reading to me or helping me with homework.

I remember how much fun it was reading to my cousins when I baby-sat…exploring planets, explaining gadgets, and dreaming big.

I remember how I laughed when my niece Stephanie got mad when I read her a Barbie book in my full-on BAR-BEEH voice. Oh she was so annoyed!!

To Learn More

With our 5th birthday 10 days from now the Conrad triplets do not qualify for this program, but we are lucky enough to have our wonderful cousin Cat who signed us up for a book-of-the-month club (which we are totally digging). And we occasionally splurge on book orders through the Scholastic Book Club, earning points for Theo’s school and the girls’ class.

Besides, there are plenty of families in Canastota’s 13032 who COULD use this program. Interested families can fill out a packet and drop it off to the Canastota Public Library at 102 W. Center St.

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