Taking in the Sunshine

Beautiful Day, Happy Smiles

I had the chance to pick up the kiddos a little early and, wow, am I lucky or what? Again the temps were nearly 40 degrees on the plus side for this time of year (we were in the 70s people).

We got home early.
Put our backpacks away.
Had some juice and a little snack or two.
We all headed outside.

Adults in the neighborhood surely heard my big mouth… It was a one-sided conversation as I ran around after the triplets who were all racing quickly in different directions.  “Let’s take a walk. Stay on the sidewalk. Don’t tease Snickers. No, Charlene is not home. That is not our yard. Please stay in our yard. Theodore! Theo?! C’mon. Girls play nice. Please share the toys. Pick up the chalk. What can you draw? How about a flower. That’s a nice flower. Oh, you drew a bowl of cereal? That’s nice. Theodore?! Oh, please, stay over here. No, not there Theodore. Gretchen what did you do? Are you OK? It’s just a scrape. You’re fine. No, you don’t need a Band-Aid. Don’t kick the ball in the flowers. No, those are not daisy flowers, Olena. We have to plant daisies. Don’t pick the daffodils.”

I was exhausted, and out of breath, and got quite the workout!

But what I heard?

I heard something that I’ll treasure forever — just pure, infectious giggles and laughter. Sounds of absolute joy and fun. The feeling of playing and being free in the warm spring sun. Nothing is better than that. 🙂



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