The Dreaded Phone Call

Everyone Has Bad Days

As soon as the number came up on my phone my heart sank…

It was a call from Utica. It was about Theodore.

His teacher, Tammy, had called to inform me that Theo had huge meltdown and tried to hit his head on the floor. She did exactly what I would have done, restrained him. And in the process he decided instead to bite himself… several times… on his arms.

Ugh poor Theo.

I could hear the shakiness in her voice. What happened was he had decided to park himself in front of the bathroom door. Fearing that another kid would clock him in the skull when the door opened, she asked him to move. Mr. Stubborn wasn’t having any of it. So she tried to move him, and the meltdown ensued. One thing lead to another, frustration took over, and he decided to use his own arms as a chew toy.

Then I thought, poor Tammy.

IF anything good came out of this it was that he did not bite anyone else.

That and, well, he had another great day despite the incident.

Today was just one blip on what the big picture is for Theo. And as long as he keeps progressing, that’s what I have to be thankful for and sometimes all I have to focus on.

P.S. His arms are red, but don’t look nearly as bad as I thought they would. I am blessed to have such a dedicated teacher working with Theodore such as Tammy.


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