Run Like the Wind

Running Makes Everything Else OK

Almost one year ago to the day I did something I never thought I’d do again: I signed up for my first road race. I had no choice. There was no turning back. I had 5 months to get in shape and take to the road for my first 5K since having the triplets.

My first thought was “my God, what have I done?”

My second thought turned to what I promised myself while on bed rest and that was I would run again and feel the wind in my hair and I would feel GOOD about it.

Just Like My Sister

I am 5 years younger than MaryAnn and everything she did, I wanted to do as well. I believe I entered my first race when I was in elementary school. It was the annual Thanksgiving weekend Turkey Trot at New York Mills. I ran in my regular brown shoes. I didn’t even have sneakers for my first race.

And, I discovered, how much fun it was.

And I was hooked.

And for quite a few years that’s all I did. Running was my everything. I loved it.

By the time I was in high school I ran cross-country and did the long distance track and field events. My PR was 5:49 in the 1500 in the rain in Cooperstown my junior year.

Not really sure why I got away from it, but I did for a long time. I guess I got too busy. My scheduled got to hectic as a reporter and I had a hard time getting out to run, to practice, to just have fun.

And then, of course, I had a hard time doing the long distances and my knees started to complain so I tried other things such as going to the gym, volleyball, golf (GOLF!!)… but I always longed for that feeling of the wind in my hair.

It’s Not About the Fall, It’s The Getting UP

The first time I ran after having the triplets I burst into tears. I finally kept a promise to myself that I would run again. But being so damned exhausted, running on no sleep, and a diet that consisted of grabbing anything off the counter that wasn’t moving… well, it didn’t bode well. I did too much too quickly, and earned nothing but a stress fracture — and a lovely boot — on my right ankle.

I thought this was going to be my lot in life. That I had these kids and I wouldn’t be able to find the time to exercise. Or eat well. But it was excuse after excuse.

And then the emotional eating took over… and it wasn’t until I realized what I was doing that I turned things around.

I signed on to my first event while at work. I started training for it and during my training run I got recruited to participate in the Nate Race in Canastota, which is convenient, because it goes right by our house. And, BONUS, it was before the race I signed up for. It’d be a good litmus test.

And MaryAnn signed up too as did my beautiful niece Justyna. They both placed in the top slots for their age groups. Impressed.

I finished just over 30 minutes and I realized that I too can do this! And, thanks to Maire, I got some attention when they called my name as I crossed the finished line: mom-of-triplets!! 🙂

SO Proud

From there I participated in:

I started 2012 off with a run through Lights on the Lake at Onondaga Lake Parkway and on Saturday participated in the Second Annual Shamrock Shuffle Run and Walk 5K at Westmoreland Road Elementary School.

Rough Going Through Wind and Rain

I finished in under 30 minutes which was my goal however I did have to stop and walk a portion. The wind and the driving, cold March rain got the best of me. I always question, “why am I doing this?” during the first mile but if I can get through that I usually can make it.

The wind simply took my breath away.

I did get to see my beautiful niece and sister running ahead of me…powering through.

I took my time and, oh yeah, I did walk. But I did it.

I crossed that finish line and felt accomplished. And then I cried. OF course I did… It’s as if I immediately think of everything we have been through, everything those kids have done to stay on this earth and fight to come home and thrive… and it makes running a 5K with all the minor aches and pains seem like a piece of cake.

I have two more races coming up in April, followed by the Nate Race in June, Turning Stone 10K (YES! 10!) in August, and I will most likely participate in the Baldwin and Wonderful Run challenges again.


Hardest Race Ever. Even eating the doughnut was hard. Someone had to do it though.

PS. The hardest race so far? The DUNN’S RUN in January. Blustery cold weekend… run 2 laps on the track at Canastota, eat a DUNN’S glazed doughnut, take two more laps. BY FAR the hardest run ever. EVER!A challenge? Yes. Can I do it? Absolutely. And someday it will be more rewarding when those triplets of mine join me to show everyone just how fast they are. That will truly be the best reward.


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