Today’s Celebration

Olena, for all that went wrong today, did awesome at her follow-up appointment at the Ears, Nose, Throat clinic at Upstate University Hospital.

We have been back and forth to the ENT/ER/OR since Olena was 9 months old due to bronchial stenosis which caused her to get croup at the drop of a hat.

Today we had a follow-up appointment after NOT having a scope in 2011 (what? How did I miss this milestone) and having done so well over the winter without a croup case. Viruses? Yes. Respiratory infections? Check. But no pneumonia, croup, whooping cough, H1N1, or anything out of the ordinary.

Our Olena is getting older and getting bigger!

Her doctor, Anthony Mortelliti, and his team, think that as Olena gets older the trouble spot near the bottom of the airway will begin to lie flat and if so she will not need another scope. She will be observed over the coming year but the next visit won’t happen until April 2013 unless she does come down with something other than the common cold.

Then, after that, her next visit would be in three years with possible discharging her from the practice :-).

I am beyond pleased and we are so blessed!

And, to celebrate, we got to meet dad out for a quick lunch (obviously this was before she decided to pick fights all night). She was so happy having mom and dad all to herself, sharing a nice mid-week meal out of the blue with her mom and dad.

Little did she know how important today’s visit was, and how happy we were to hear the news from Dr. Mortelliti.

So proud.

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