What Happens at Night?

Rob: “See you downstairs.”

Me: “OK”

Gretchen (or was it Olena?) “Mom, what will you guys do downstairs?”

Me “Probably drink!”

Pushing Buttons

Parents, admit it. Some days those precious little charges of yours just push your buttons. Today, it was Olena.

Now, she is a pro at this. She also really LOVES an audience, whether it be the sitter, the neighbors, or just dad, she just pushes my buttons. Tonight was one of those nights.

NOTHING I said or did was right. NOTHING Gretchen said or did was correct. And Theo too… and so on, and so on.

Fight #1: She couldn’t buckle her own seat in the car because she was wearing her winter coat today. We sat in Lee’s driveway until she did so. We were there for quite a while…

Fight #2: Huffing and puffing and pouting, ALL THE WAY HOME until I pulled the car over and threatened a time out on Main Street.

Fight #3: Snack before dinner. We have dropped the snack between Lee’s house and dinner because if they snack when we get home the girls do not eat.

Fight #4: Just being mean to Gretchen. Picking on her… ugh.

Fight #5: Gretchen had peanut butter cups after dinner. Olena had hers after her doctor’s appointment. Olena wanted more. She begged and begged. We told her no and explained she already had her treat. She persisted. And did not let up.

Fight #6: Pushing Gretchen to get into the bathroom because she wanted to get ready for bed first.

Fight #7: MOM HAS HAD IT! TIMEOUT immediate. 10 minutes without counting straight to the couch in the front room.

Hardest 10 Minutes EVER

Olena pulled the “asthma” card and tried to scream her way through the timeout. Um, no, that’s not how it works. I had to sit her down on the couch and explain, very hotly, WHY she was in timeout. WHAT timeout is for and HOW disappointed I was in her pushing Gretchen.

She screamed. She moaned. She kicked the couch. She tried to kick me.

And then, after calming down, and with the timeout clock officially starting, she changed tactics and tried to butter me up… talking sweetly and nicely. Then again she switched gears and started acting up again.


But I sat there, and just took it, and said nothing but went along with my night, getting Theodore ready for bed, and reading to Theo and Gretchen while Rob handled Olena.

Ha, ha… handled.

And Then, Peace

While reading to Theo and Gretchen, Olena came in to join us, and sat right next to me and got lost in a story or two. We then said our nightly prayer, and I asked — under my breath — for a better day tomorrow.

My Goofy Girls

We do have fun!!

Sweet Sisters

HEY we are behaving! Right now...

Who knew I’d get it tonight: Look at these little faces!

As hot as I get I must constantly remember a few things…

Mornings are hard. We are rushed. Fights will happen.

Evenings are hard. We are tired. We want to do everything but what mom says. Fights will happen.

(And, at least, we get them to bed by 8 p.m. Leaves me a little alone time without someone power pouting and following me around the house for a fight.)


NOTE: For as hectic it was tonight, and for as hot as I got with Olena, I did remind her how much I love her, even as she drove me nuts. I do love them to pieces. This parenting thing can be so hard, but it is so rewarding, even in moments like this.


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