Posted in March 2012

Sunday Thought 3/18/12

There are only two things a child will share willingly – communicable diseases and his mother’s age.¬† ~Benjamin Spock, Dr. Spock’s Baby and Child Care, 1945 Feel better Gretchie ūüôā Advertisements


And Recharging Quick, Rob, run for the door! Auntiejean¬†is coming over and she’s watching the kiddos tonight. Let’s go out on a date. Instructions have been left. Medications and dosage lists on the counter. Pray the kids have an early night and that we don’t get any phone calls. Also hoping we avoid some Snake … Continue reading

So Sorry

Having a Bad Day? Not everything goes your way sometimes, that’s just how it is. I am miles away tonight as I think about the fall and the fact that I may have to split the triplets up for afterschool care. In an effort to find some answers I ran (yes, I multitask) over to … Continue reading

Pink Eye Def Con

What is THAT?! It’s been a while since we’ve experienced any sickeness aside from general congestion and allergy noses and sounds… and that’s when I spot it. Last night. Olena. Left eye. Non-stop goo…. It was Pink Eye Def Con: 2 “Olena, what is that?” (like she’d know) “Ma, what?” Your eye. Are you OK? … Continue reading

In the Numbers

Last year was one endless trip to the doctor for one thing or another…if it wasn’t for the triplets, it was for me. I seemed to have caught every plague and germ that the kiddos came in contact with. But what was shocking was not the germs, nor¬†the virus that felt like bronchitis but wasn’t, … Continue reading

Sun was Shining Then Too

Somethings You Never Forget The sun streaming into the window at work triggered the memory…how could I forget that five years ago, the triplets decided to try to make an extremely early entrance. MaryAnn is convinced it was just so they can make it for Alex’s birthday party…but…I think she was just trying to lighten … Continue reading

The Next Step

Everybody Learns With the sun shining bright, Rob and I, and Theo’s teacher Tammy, all visited the program at E.A. McAllister in Sherrill. McAllister, although part of the Vernon-Verona-Sherrill school district, is home to the K-9 Autism Program administered by Madison-Oneida BOCES. You can see the technical info here.¬†Canastota¬†is a member of Madison-Oneida BOCES. Overwhelming … Continue reading

Bike Ride to the Moon

With the stars all glinting in the shiny¬†Chrome Then I suddenly remembered¬†what I left at home Now I shan’t be¬† peddling any higher ‘Cos a¬† sharp sputnik has given me a cosmic flat tyre Read more: XTC – BIKE RIDE TO THE MOON LYRICS Thank you XTC It has been quite the eventful weekend: Rob … Continue reading

Silver and Gold

“Make new Friends But Keep the Old One is Silver and the Other’s Gold.” Well, if that’s the case, my friends are truly a treasure, especially Auntie Jean. She Really Should have Run The first time I met Jean was when I was working at Utica College and she was an intern. She had the … Continue reading