Posted in April 2012

Worn Out

Folks, I cannot lie. I’m so glad those girls are asleep right now. They have been running me (and Rob) ragged since they got home Friday from the sitters. They poked each other. They yelled the whole weekend. They spent several hours alone (or together, but separate) in solitary confinement. Olena tackled Gretchen over a … Continue reading

Oh no Theodore: Part 3

Not Quite Himself So I last wrote about Theo on Wednesday. Turns out he started the day with a fever, then got better, then  took a turn for the worse. After coming home from work he wanted to be held. Not unusual for him… but wanting to be held for more than 30 minutes, and … Continue reading

Oh no Theodore: Part 2

Being non-verbal is part of the problem when it comes to diagnosing Theodore. My heart sometimes just breaks for him, but I’m getting better at reading the “not-quite-right” signs, if you will. 1) He immediately turned down his breakfast. He does not do that often. 2) The constant playing with his head seemed a little … Continue reading

Oh no Theodore

This morning Theo had his 5-year-old well-child visit today. Unfortunately or, maybe I should think more positively and say this is good luck or timing — he woke with a low grade fever and refused breakfast. So unlike him. And I thought he was just sleeping in because he knew his bus wasn’t coming to get … Continue reading

#Twittercharityrun #update

Hooray MomBundled up for the cold (but no rain) I braved the streets of Canastota on Sunday to finish 3.23 miles in 31 minutes, logging my #twittercharityrun on MapMyRun. My donation will be going to Upstate Cerebral Palsy and the Kelberman Center soon. I actually think I finished the run sooner than the 31 minutes, … Continue reading

Sunday Thought 4/22/12

Everyone who has run knows that its most important value is in removing tension and allowing a release from whatever other cares the day may bring.  ~Jimmy Carter (And I think Theo knew I ran for him today. He gave me a big, big lick on the face. I burst out laughing, as did he…I … Continue reading


Race Day: Tomorrow I’m late. I know. But I am planning on running a 5K tomorrow through the potentially rainy streets of Canastota as a participant in the #twittercharityrun. I may be alone, especially since I’m almost a week late, but I am running to honor, no — more like salute (as I always do) … Continue reading

It Took All Day

Never Done A mother’s work is never, ever done. Take that and multiply it by, um, multiples, add in a special needs kid, plus Saturday is the usual non-stop laundry washing/drying day, and it turns out the time it takes to do two things on a to-do list…it takes all day. Result: We have quite the … Continue reading

Autism Awareness

Theodore having fun on the couch. One Voice, One at a Time One person can make a difference…and when it’s your niece, it can make a world of difference and fill you with pride. My niece Justyna and my nephew Alex, along with their friends Emily, Rachel and Phil, have launched The DuctTapeStudio. They range … Continue reading