The Week that Was

When it Rains…

So the big birthday celebrations took a toll on all of us…

  • The Sunday after the cookie party what I thought was allergies turned out to be Strep, which I didn’t get diagnosed until Monday afternoon (I took the day off to nap. Failing said nap, I got my butt into the doctor’s office. Good thing. Nasty case of the strep. And it’s going round.)
  • Theo then came down with pink eye. At least it was minus the goo. So we were both home on Tuesday. Which meant a return trip to the doctor and ANOTHER day with no rest.
  • And just when I settled Theo down long enough the electrician showed up to fix the kitchen ceiling lamp. (Hooray the fluorescent light is officially gone!)
  • On Wednesday  we were all late. Theo’s bus driver came to the door to get him. The girls were running down the sidewalk to catch their bus… Gretchen actually ended up being carried to her seat.
  • And then Theo just did NOT want to be at school so I got the call to pick him up. By the time I got to school he was playing and fine. I took him home anyway.
  • Wednesday also ended up being the last day we saw Olena’s beloved Snoopy. He apparently had enough of us and took a hike. We didn’t realize he was missing until bedtime.
  • On Thursday Gretchen had a miserable fall at the sitter’s house and her nose swelled up like a prize fighter’s. I got a call to come and assess the situation. There was no ongoing pain, some cuts and some loss of blood…but otherwise, structurally, the nose seemed fine and she was well on her way to taking on the rest of the day…

By Friday, we were done and things started to turn around when Gretchen found Snoopy for Olena. I certainly was done! It was a trying week, but we made it through…

…knock on wood we don’t see that kind of week again…


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