More Colorful Thanks to You

I’m not sure what is cuter…Gretchen’s giant eyes? Her teeny tiny voice? Or the things that come out of her mouth.

Probably the latter.

Gretchen really has developed a great sense of humor and since starting Pre-K her speech has become more clear and understandable.

That kid is downright funny!

For example:

The girls have become very fidgety in their car seats while the car is moving. After catching them a  few times in the review I caught them in the act. I told them, “What are you doing? You have to sit in those seats. What if the police catch mommy? I would get in trouble and they’d put me in jail. Would you want that?” And under my breath I said, “well, at least I’d get a good night sleep.”

G = But mom, you can’t go to jail? Who would take care of us?

me = Daddy.

Mom, but Daddy can’t cook! He can’t do that. We need a mom. Dad burns stuff.

Fast forward a few days and as I’m taking the kids to the sitters Gretchen notices Olena is playing with her seat. The following occurs:

Olena?! Don’t do that. You need to sit in the seat. If the police catch us, they’ll put mom and jail, and at least she’d get a good night’s sleep, right mom?

I almost spit my coffee out!

That’s right (thattagirl)!

All Gretchie, All the Time

*NEW* “Oiler” (instead of oil). Squirlers (instead of squirrel).

*NEW* “LEN-nahhh, rockers don’t sit down!”

*NEW* After hearing the weather report for Friday G says “That’s a whole lot of weather!”

*NEW* “Theo didn’t go to school. He still has the radish.”

“Mom. I LOVE those (she says pointing to my screen saver). Next time I see those I’m going to eat them.”( My screen saver is a picture of homemade pierogies sitting in a bowl.)

“Hope you’re hungry. I have frozen pizza. I’m going to make that.” “Ewwww…. I don’t want frozen pizza?!” (I realize my mistake, thanks to Lee….) “I’m going to heat it up Gretch.”

While “checking” my ear, she says the following: “Mom, when this beeps, you say your favorite animals’ sound zero times.” Zero? Are you sure (I giggle). “Yes. Beep.” (long pause) Well, you said zero, that means no or nothing. “Oh, OK. How about seven times then? BEEP!”

“OH-lenna… Oh-LEHN-KAH! That’s NOT nice!”

“Oh-lennnna… I’m coloring. I don’t need your help.”

“Mom, I like your shoes. They look like Animal (her stuffed leopard).”

“Mom, I like your stockings (as she’s touching my leg). Nice.”

Gretchen, do you want garlic couscous or pine nut? “GAAAArrrliiiiiicckkk”

“Mom, have you ever seen it rain cats and dogs?”

“But mom I would like something to go WITH my dinner. Something like chocolate.”

“I want something to eat from the pantry. Let me take a look.”

“I want something to eat from this cabinet (pointing to the cabinet where we hide the candy).”

Gretchen, what’s your penguin’s name? “Read the tag!!!”

There’s our school. It’s got the whole week off from us.

(After decorating eggs for Easter she says to Auntie Maire) “How ’bout those eggs?” after having eaten French fries, some chicken, a piece of ham, crackers, and some yogurt.

While outside playing with her cousins, “Step back and watch my amazing throw.”

That Gretchen… she just makes me smile.


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