It Took All Day

Never Done

A mother’s work is never, ever done. Take that and multiply it by, um, multiples, add in a special needs kid, plus Saturday is the usual non-stop laundry washing/drying day, and it turns out the time it takes to do two things on a to-do list…it takes all day.

IMAGE Craft time!

Olena and Gretchen work on masterpieces. Mom gets to sort through it all.

Result: We have quite the collection of art supplies. And right now, they are ORGANIZED and, more importantly, STORED, appropriately. We’ll see how long that lasts.In fact, about a half-hour ago (9:10 p.m. EST) I finished…well, ALMOST finished… to-do #2.

First I had to cull our inner artists collection of coloring books, papers, dried-up markers, weak Crayola Color Wonder pens, etc.

Clothes Monster
Aside from the usual laundry chores, there’s the fact that we have had several folks help us out,either purchasing or donating their children’s gently used clothing to Gretchen, Theodore and Olena’s closets. And the closets runneth over!

I decided to sort through the summer clothes to make sure we are on the right track in terms of what we may need. Seems that we are in good shape. However the process took all day. And technically we’re not done… I have nine sorted piles in front of the girls’ doll house.

Here’s what I did.

  • Sort through current wardrobes.
  • Put too-small clothing aside for friends, possible sale, and for donation to Madison County.
  • Sort by size, fit, and have one (or both) girls try on. Theo is too busy to model. We find out if things don’t fit after putting them on him for the day. 😦
  • Make sure the closet won’t be overflowing.
  • Make note of what we may need in the next few moths.

Of course, this does not account for socks, shoes/sneakers, outer wear. That’s phase two of this process.

And I am not complaining. It has to be done. I don’t like doing it, and it is really early by CNY standards to sort through summer clothing, but I’d rather do it now (on a rainy day/night) then during the second week of 80 degree weather.

Then I have to do my own stuff…which I really don’t like to do at all. Any volunteers out there who want to help? Right now, bed is calling.


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