Race Day: Tomorrow

I’m late. I know. But I am planning on running a 5K tomorrow through the potentially rainy streets of Canastota as a participant in the #twittercharityrun.

IMAGE Theodore in the tub

This smile helps keep me going!

I may be alone, especially since I’m almost a week late, but I am running to honor, no — more like salute (as I always do) my triplets, especially Theodore. The concept is simple…

  • Run a race.
  • Whatever entry fee you would have contributed to said race (and then some) instead goes to a charity of your choice.
  • Sign up online. Get your own race bib.
  • Tweet using the #twittercharityrun.
  • Update those about your run, why you ran, and how you did.

Of course, with Autism Awareness Month happening now, my choice was obvious. My donation will be going to Upstate Cerebral Palsy. The Kelberman Center will also be getting a donation from us, in honor of Theo’s 5th birthday and also in honor of all the hard work his classsmates do every day.

So if you see me out in the rain (OK, forecast now says it’ll be cold but the rain will hold off until later) … don’t let me stop, or try to hitch a ride, or give me a doughnut, unless the race is over. But DO encourage me to keep on going, keep on working, keep on doing my best.

That’s exactly what Theo and others with ASD do every day.


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