Oh no Theodore: Part 2

Being non-verbal is part of the problem when it comes to diagnosing Theodore. My heart sometimes just breaks for him, but I’m getting better at reading the “not-quite-right” signs, if you will.

1) He immediately turned down his breakfast. He does not do that often.
2) The constant playing with his head seemed a little more desperate this morning.
3) Waking up feeling like a baked potato is one thing…and pretty common for him. Remaining that way for a good portion of the morning is not like him.
4) Refusing to jump on the couch, his new obsession…something was definitely wrong.

I have managed to get him to drink some juice, have a handful of Yogurt Melts, and so far one dose of Motrin was administered. He’s upstairs now hanging out. Hopefully this passes soon.


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