#Twittercharityrun #update

Me, Olena and Gretchie following my #twittercharityrun

My girls and I following the #twittercharityrun

Hooray MomBundled up for the cold (but no rain) I braved the streets of Canastota on Sunday to finish 3.23 miles in 31 minutes, logging my #twittercharityrun on MapMyRun. My donation will be going to Upstate Cerebral Palsy and the Kelberman Center soon. I actually think I finished the run sooner than the 31 minutes, but my fingers were frozen so I couldn’t stop the timer at the right moment.

I am proud that I was able to do this. I did it without stopping. And it felt GOOD to get out in the cold and hit the ground running.

But the best moment came at the end:

My cheerleaders, Gretchen and Olena, threw their winter coats on (and Gretchen had her Belle dress on) and screamed wildly for me even though I had already finished. They were so proud. And it was so cute.

Olena, “Where’s your trophy?”

IMAGE Theo and Me

Me and my boy after the #twittercharityrun

Gretchen, “Ma? Ma! DID you win?”I think I was holding my “trophies” on my porch that morning. And then went to hug my Theodore.

That was all the reward I needed!

(However, the LUSH bath bomb and the glass of wine with dinner was also a very welcomed treat :-).


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