Oh no Theodore: Part 3

Not Quite Himself

So I last wrote about Theo on Wednesday. Turns out he started the day with a fever, then got better, then  took a turn for the worse. After coming home from work he wanted to be held. Not unusual for him… but wanting to be held for more than 30 minutes, and not falling asleep, not good.

IMAGE Theodore

Chillin' on the couch. This Scarlet Fever has gotten the best of me 😦

And that’s when I noticed the rash… a little on the chest, on his head, a spot on his back.I tried to offer him dinner. He was hungry but was visibly wincing when he swallowed. I encouraged him to lay down on the couch, I propped his mouth open with a toothbrush, and discovered his tonsils inflamed and red. Ugh. And his fever was back.

I put a call back into his doctor’s and explained what was going on. They seemed confused as to why the physician’s assistant didn’t do a swab earlier (but, as I explained, I figured it was just a stomach thing and the PA did not want to cause a meltdown with a swab).

Sometimes it pays to KNOW your DOCTOR

The staff was able to see us at 7:30 p.m. As soon as the nurse saw us, she knew right away what was plaguing Theodore: SCARLET FEVER.

Poor Theo. This is his second bout…

By the time I got to the doctor his rash had spread and his fever continued. Low-grade, but troublesome. They put him on antibiotics right away and we started him that night. It knocked him out cold.

He ended up being out of school the rest of the week. Rule of thumb: when you have SF you should stay home 24 hours after you start antibiotics and after the fever breaks. His fever was gone by Thursday but his rash (or, as Gretchen would say, radish) was so bad he looked sunburned. We tried to go to school Friday morning, but I pulled the plug 10 minutes before the bus arrived. He was itching his skin like mad!

I know I made the right call even though it made him stir crazy to be so far off his schedule. Saturday we ventured out to Oneida to sign up for a family membership at the Tri-Valley YMCA and by the time we got back home (we were only out an hour) he had it, and ended up sleeping for me for almost three hours that afternoon.

He then fell asleep at night!

(the girls, however, oh my!!!)

Tomorrow is another day

Theodore will be returning to school tomorrow. I think he’s finally ready to be out of this house. And he only has a few more days of antibiotics left.

Now, if only the weather will warm up….


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