Worn Out

IMAGE These two: Boss and Trouble

They are so cute - those few moments when they actually play nice.

Folks, I cannot lie. I’m so glad those girls are asleep right now. They have been running me (and Rob) ragged since they got home Friday from the sitters.

  • They poked each other.
  • They yelled the whole weekend.
  • They spent several hours alone (or together, but separate) in solitary confinement.
  • Olena tackled Gretchen over a toy Gretchen was playing with. Literally tackled her and they went sliding across the hardwood floor.
  • They put paint in the bathroom sink while Rob was shopping, Theo was sleeping, and I had just finished cleaning said bathroom sink. They said Rob did it. Then Theo. Then me. Since they would not say who did it, I threw it out.
  • I’m pretty sure Gretchen “forked” Olena at the table. I caught her mid fork…
  • Toys were tossed at each other, at me, at each other.

And the cost:

  • An almost spent bottle of wine.
  • Several cookies consumed by mom.
  • Stressed vocal cords.
  • Frayed nerves.
  • Stressed mom and dad.
  • The urge to just run away and leave Theodore in charge. (Yogurt melts for every one!)

I feel that tomorrow will be among the happiest of days…when those girls go on the bus, and become angels once again.

Fingers crossed.


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