New Goal

Pound the Pavement

This morning on Facebook I ❤ to Run posted the following status update:

“Think running is awesome? Try writing names/words.situations on the sole of your shoes before a long run. I pound leukemia into the pavement at least once a week!! Angela Grace Morris”

IMAGE from I <3 to Run Brilliant! Why haven’t I thought of that?

So on the bottom of my shoes goes: Autism, Asthma, Infertility, Cancer… all that I have encountered one way or another… along with  worry, stress, bad days, setbacks, etc.

But I’m willing to take it a step further and include words/people who inspire me on the top of my shoes to give me motivation. With that I will see, with every step I take while running, the things that keep me going. They include:

  • the names of my beautiful children, Gretchen, Theodore and Olena, who have been fighting since day one and amaze me every day
  • my awesome husband Rob who is an amazing dad and a great friend, who continues to put up with me
  • names of friends and family who have been by our side in thick and thin
  • hope, strength, courage, faith…

Of course I could go on and on. Which is great! When you think of it, I have more reasons to decorate the top of my shoes, than the bottom.

Question is, how would you decorate your running (or walking, or everyday) shoes? It’s my hope that, like me, there’s more for the top than the bottom. And may your soles soon be cleared of stress, worry, and doubt

I’ll have to post before and after shots soon 🙂


One thought on “New Goal

  1. I absolutely love this idea so much!!! I’m going to start writing on the soles of my shoes and on top I’ll decorate with the names of my loves. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful gift for those that need to pound the pavement. 😊

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