Dear Brittany

An Open Letter to Brittany,

I am so grateful to have someone like you in my community. I wanted to thank you for addressing your class. Your thoughts on disability, your presentation, was forwarded to me by my former Early Intervention case worker. I hope you don’t mind my reading it.

First, let me say, that you have more class than some adults that I know. To stand up and talk about your Apraxia, to let others know it’s OK to have a disability, is comforting because you are standing up not only for yourself, but for my Theodore who is non-verbal autistic. He’s a sweet kid and has made great strides, as have his sisters who, too, are a little bit different and on their own “schedule.” And that’s just my family. Think about all the others out there who are benefiting from your speech!

It is my hope that everyone who hears you, (and everyone who is kind enough to follow this blog), pays attention to your words:

“You are who you are. You are in control of yourself, not what anybody else thinks. So don’t give up on yourself, it’s not your fault.”

Those words can be applied to so many, and can make a great difference in someone’s life. And really, as you said, we all do have challenges. It’s just that some are bigger than others.

So thank you Brittany. You touched my heart.

All the best,


An Update: Brittany, who is in school (not sure if she’s in high school or in the earlier grades) knows I have written this letter. I shared it with my case worker, who passed it along. The result: spontaneous reapplication of make-up on three grown women in Madison County.


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