Mother’s Day

Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love

Did I get pampered? Um, nope. But I did receive the best gift my kids and husband could give me: time alone! I got in a run. I went shopping (although I did have to go to the grocery store). I did this ALONE! Ah, bliss. THank you Danny Wegman for creating a store that is my escape.

My girls made beautiful bookmarks with their handprints on them (if I could only read something other than Dr. Seuss). Theodore made this beautiful poster complete with his picture and this poem:

My Mother Kept A Garden
My Mother kept a garden,
a garden of the heart,
She planted all the good things
that gave my life its start.

She turned me to the sunshine
and encouraged me to dream,
Fostering and nurturing
the seeds of self-esteem…

And when the winds and rain came,
she protected me enough-
But not too much because she knew
I’d need to stand up strong and tough.

Her constant good example
always taught me right from wrong-
Markers for my pathway
that will last a lifetime long.

I am my Mother’s garden.
I am her legacy-
And I hope today she feels the love
reflected back from me.
Author Unknown

If that doesn’t bring tears to your eyes?! And I started to think, nah, that’s not me…and then I thought, why be so negative? ENJOY this moment. THIS is for YOU.

Sometimes when you are wrapped up in the every day moments, the carting to and from doctors and sitters and appointments, the feedings, the ongoing visits to medical specialists, the fights between the girls, the non-stop chaos — you lose focus on just how much you mean to the kids every single day. How much of a difference you make. How much a difference we both make to those triplets. And how much these kids have fought every day to be with us. With us!

I can’t ask for anything more for Mother’s Day, or for any other day for that matter. Those kids, diagnoses and all, all the ups and downs, mean the world to me. And I certainly hope I am making the same impact.




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