Dentistry: Who Knew?

Strength in Numbers

So, recently, I had to switch dentists. Well, I guess I really didn’t have to, but my long-time dentist (and cousin!) had merged practices with another long-established dental group in Utica. I was looking for a special needs dentist for Theodore anyway, and thought this would be a good time to visit someone a little closer to home in Canastota.

I decided that Gretchen, Olena, and I, would go to Fayetteville Center For Dentistry. And, behold, new dentist = cavity!


Well, 34 years without a cavity is a pretty good run. Guess I do need to floss a little bit more.

I had the problem spot repaired today. And, BOY, where the girls excited.

Hey, Mom, I Can See You

Since the girls only had some routine cleaning in the past, and this was a new practice, they did not want to stay in the waiting room alone.

Ugh. They wanted to watch the dentist fix my “boo-boo tooth.” Great. I appreciate it. I don’t even know if it is going to hurt, but, sure, come on and watch them fix my tooth.

Thankfully the cavity was only on the surface. It wasn’t bad at all…I did take some Motrin about an hour before the visit, and they did numb the area and administer Novocaine…

Although I’m not sure how much the girls watched, I suspected Gretchen paid close attention. Especially when she said, “Hey, mom, I can see you in the mirror,” and she burst out laughing.

When all was said and done I left with a new filling and Angelina Jolie lips, which were numb. Severely numb. I felt as thought I had to talk to the girls. I tried my best to sound normal, and not drool all over myself.

“Hey, not bad, hu?! How’d I do?”

“Mom, you did great!” Gretchen

“Wow, you don’t sound too good.” Olena.

Sigh. At least she’s honest.

Stage Fright

I’m not sure who was more worried about this visit — me or the girls. I wasn’t sure how they were going to do. In the past the triplets were seen at the same time and cleaning was minimal. Today was going to be more extensive AND they were going at the same time.

Thoughts of having to run from room to room as they screamed, cried, and kicked (or insert horrible thing here) was not going to be fun. It’s at times like this I wish there was another me to help hold hands, wipe tears, and sooth the jitters.

Truth is, they did extremely well!

Olena jumped at the chance to sit in the chair first. She met with Kirsten, and gave the hygienist an instant replay of mom’s “boo-boo” tooth. Sure, rub it in, kid.

Gretchen, who had a mini-meltdown fearing that they would do the same thing to her as they did to mommy, saw Margie

Olena got schooled on why it’s such a bad idea to suck your thumb (although Kirsten was much kinder and gentler when it came to explaining what could happen to her. Me, I say way too much and always end with “you’ll get braces.”). But, more importantly, they are impressed with how good she is brushing her teeth.

Olena, because of her asthma medication, has no choice but to brush twice a day. It always looks as if she’s just sticking the brush in her mouth, and then pulling it out quickly to spray toothpaste and foam as far as possible. Although she’s been brushing the longest, it just looks so awkward.

Gretchen, who we just started encouraging a morning brush, has only been brushing at night. She did ok, but Margie noted some plaque on her back teeth, and said a morning brushing routine should take care of that.

IMAGE Olena and Snoopy.

Olena and Snoopy. She said that he is the reason she sucks her thumb. We are thinking of giving him an extended vacation to help curb this bad habit.

A New Adventure Who knew brushing would be so much fun? And so inspiring?Tonight not only did the girls brush their teeth without fuss, but they also perfected the swish and spit, and they let me floss their teeth. Or, as Olena said, “Flossited.”

It was the first night in a long time that the girls brushed well without nagging. And then to let me help them floss? It’s a Day-at-the-Dentist miracle.

I hope they can keep up with these new healthy habits and maintain it for years to come.

And Kirsten must have made a huge impact on Olena because my baby girl said to me, “I’m going to be a dentists when I am older.”

(I secretly think she wants to do this because my dental work today rendered me speechless for a good 30 minutes or so. Anything to get mom to stop yappin’!)

Now, all we have to work on is that thumb-sucking…and its partner-in-crime, original Snoopy. It may be time for Snoops to go on a “vacation,” at least until the thumb sucking thing is under some control.

Well, at least that’s the plan…for now.


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