Graduation, or Moving Up

It’s a time to think ahead, but, for me, I cannot help to reflect on the past from time to time…

Especially now since the triplets have “moved on” or graduated from Pre-K.

While the girls had an end-of-year celebration, Theo actually had a whole ceremony planned for him and his classmates at Upstate Cerebral Palsy’s Promise Program in Utica.

I enjoyed both ceremonies/events so much. I managed to hold it together for the girls’ event (kind of hard to cry when the kiddos are singing about Pete the Cat and his red shoes!). But the minute I pulled into the parking lot at Promise, I was in tears…and not the cute, Lifetime Movie version of tears… the dreaded ugly cry was full on and I was ONLY in the parking lot.

Let that sink in….THE PARKING LOT!

And, yes, I cried the whole time at Theo’s event. I knew I would. I even packed extra tissues (and then promptly droped them on the floor as I was tearing, and snotting, and mascara running… I was a Mt. Vesuvius of exploding emotion.).

My GretchieAnyhow…I was nervous. I really didn’t know how Theodore would do. After all only 2 kids from his class (he included) were set to “walk”, but there were 14 other kids celebrating a very important milestone that day. And so, just in case, we set an alternate plan.

1) Mom and dad would head directly to the gymnasium. Do pass go. Do pass the classroom. Do not make eye contact with subject (ok so I embelish a bit).

2) Mom and dad would sit on the aisle for quick escape should the need arise.

3) Theo would be lead in with his aide and would be seated in his favorite rocking chair (when we got in the gym we noticed a princess pink colored rocking chair. Thank goodness they switched it out before ceremonies began).

4) If the noise proved to be too much, the aide would take Theo directly to the classroom.

Theodore5) In the event that happens, mom and dad could stay to enjoy the ceremony, then celebrate with Theo in the comfort of a familiar place (classroom).

I figured out that really I was crying because I didn’t know how Theo would react. And he did great! He sat down in his chair, was occupied with an Ipod and his favorite melts, and settled in until his name was called.

And boy did the tears start coming then… I think Daddy too was a little verklempt because he thought he had video taped Theo getting on stage and getting his diploma, but only got one second of footage of it.

But it didn’t matter. We were both there and were oh so proud of our little boy…

And of our girlies too.



And this coming fall, after we keep track of all the wonderful things we do (or plan to do) this summer, we are going to be home to three kindergarteners: the girls will be going to Canastota, and Theodore will be going into an autism-specific program run by Madison-Oneida BOCES and housed at E.A. McAllister school in Sherrill.With everything that we had encountered (Preemies, 3 month NICU stay, asthma, oxygen therapy, ASD, ear infections, strep, tubes, adenoid removal, OT-PT, Speech therapy….Early Intervention services. Therapy. Nutritionists….see history), I think Kindergarten is going to open a whole new wonderful world of learning for our little ones.

Congratulations triplets! Mommy and Daddy love you more than you’ll ever know!!!!


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