Summer Cold: Ugh!

Sorry I’ve not posted in a while…I have plenty of material (trust me).

We’ve been keeping track of what we’ve been doing with our summer and we got off to a great start:

Day 1: Played with hose! Tried to get Theo involved. He didn’t like it much. Girlies LOVED it.
Day 2: Ate watermelon on an incredibly hot day!
Day 3: Used the pool for the first time, but the water was cold.
Day 4: Ate breakfast outside on the porch — all 5 of us. It was great!
Day 5: Set up outdoor games like ball toss (into a basket), drawing with chalk, sitting in the pool…even Theo joined us!
Day 6: Took Gretchen to the ER…. 😦

So, Gretchie has come down with what appears to be strep throat. She was running a high fever and was very lethargic so I took no chances. Daddy took his Gretchie to the ER. By the time they got there her temp had dropped to just above normal. Better to be safe then sorry, especially since Gretchen is still so super tiny.

Then yesterday I was sure that Olena, too, had something. She was feverish and mopey…not like herself. yet she would NOT admit to being sick. She was better this morning and her color had returned, so off she went to Lee’s house.

Today I’m home with Gretchen as she recovers. She’s been keeping me plenty busy, so that’s good news.

Now I pray I don’t get the dreaded phone call to “come pick up your kid” and that Theo remains healthy enough to go to his first sensory swim class at the Y tonight.

Fingers crossed 🙂


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