The Summer of 2012

The SUMMER OF FUN continues…

We already managed our first summer cold, in which recapped what we had done so far…

I am pleased to note that we have recovered well, and we have continued with our list.

And we must be doing something correct because Gretchen has already decided that she is

“…having a GREAT summer!”

SO, since Day 6’s strep…we have done the following.

Yummy. Robot. Dinner.

Who knew robot dinner would be such a hit?

Day 6: Successful Sensory Swim Class
Day 7: Eating Popsicle
Day 8: Eating a COLD dinner
Day 9: S’mores preparation!
Day 10: All-day pool party
Day 11: Cazenovia Stone Quarry Art Park adventure (I highly recommend it!)…but then we had our first bee sting ever: poor Theo. He recovered quickly though.
Day 12: ROBOT DINNER. Talking. Like. Robot. Optional.
Day 13: Walk around the block
Day 14: Auntie Jean Pajama Party!!!
Day 15: Happy Independence Day (and Gretchen coming home day)! We painted rocks!
Day 16: The art of opening the Oreo, and enjoying it out on the front porch.  So what’s next? Not sure. But looking forward to our ongoing adventures 🙂 Until next time.


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