Back to School: Kindergarten 2012-13

Last time I posted was back in July. July 6 I believe…IMAGE Gretchen first day

And now, we’re back to school. New teachers, new daycare, and new bus (for Theodore at least)…

IMAGE TheodoreShort but sweet update: the first 2 full school days are under our collective belts and, hate to jinx things, but things went very well.

Since the end of Theo’s summer term at Upstate Cerebral Palsy I have to admit…I have been sweating bullets. He was so used to the schedule, and to his sitter, and to think that was all going to change in September was a mighty weight for me to carry. What’s wrong with that sentence? I said ME. Did you catch that?!

The last week of August, first few days of September, I could not help to worry about it all. To the point of tears on my part. What good does that do? Eh, not much.

Then, during my night-time therapy session (a/k/a running) on a clear, late summer night…I looked up to the stars and it hit me.

“Believe in me, and I will believe in you.”

IMAGE OlenaThis is true for all the kiddos but especially with Theodore… They trust in me to do the right thing as their mom. Why can’t I trust in them and believe in them? It’s not like I didn’t believe in the triplets. I have been believing in them since their 28 week arrival. Why is this so different? It’s because we just didn’t know what all this change would do, especially for a child on the autism spectrum like Theodore.

So, that night, I just gave it up… Just like that. And, so far, as I said, it’s been going well. We’ll see how this first full week goes. And, if it doesn’t go as well, I’ll just think back to how well this short week did, and I will continue to repeat…

and sometimes repeat over and over again…


Until next time friends…



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