Parents you will be warned about the terrible twos.

For us, they came around age 3.

Guess what? Those few cranky months are NOTHING compared to the mornings that we now experience. But it’s not just mornings. It could strike at any time.

It’s, it’s Bossy McBossy Olena vs. anything that Gretchen ever tries to do. Being a school Monday, today was the perfect day to pounce on poor Gretchen. Here’s how it unfolded… all before 7 a.m.

Gretchen, why are you eating with your mouth open? I can see your vitamin. Quit making that monkey face. You’re making the monkey face again. I can still see your vitamin. Close your mouth already. You should eat like this (demonstrates eating with her mouth closed without putting anything in her mouth. Convenient.)…

Gretchen, if she could, would have hidden underneath a napkin…she was barely taking a bite out of her waffle. Head down, timid little mouse, was taking mini-mini bites, afraid her next move would cause more grief.

Then, finally, Gretchen strikes back.

are you ready for this…

I didn’t hear what Gretchen said, but all of a sudden it got quiet for like five minutes. Well, OK, maybe more like 30 seconds it was quiet. And in this house, with the dynamic duo, that usually means that:

A) Olena is planning a sneak attack with a utensil. Probably something sharp…with no clue how she got her hands on the contraband.


B) Gretchen is going to go ballistic, ball up her itty-bitty fists, and take down Bossy by her blond hair.

I quickly moved in to prevent any violence and the look on Olena’s face was just priceless. At first it was blank. She got all overworked and then said… in the most dramatic fashion:

MAAAHHMmmm, Gretchen just said I am being naughty?!”

(And it sounded like nawh-tee. Like, where did this accent come from?)

Me: Well, Olena Cecilia?! You have been picking on her for 20 minutes straight. What do you expect? (I don’t know how I managed to tell her this, without laughing at it. Keep in mind at this point I had already been up with Theodore since 3 a.m. It was pretty hysterical.)

Olena: But Maaaaahhhmmmm?!

Nevermind Olena. Have you even had your medicine yet?


*sigh* Well, Olena, what are you waiting for?

Someday I’m going to just sit her down and explain to her the fact that yes, indeed, she is a triplet. I cannot send the other two back, no matter how hard I try. She has a sister, and a brother, and she is GASP not the only one in the house.

She must also keep in mind that Gretchen will get back for all this grief. And Gretchen will go ape!

And I hate to say it, but I will probably laugh at it because I won’t know how to react. I just hope that she will finally wise up and learn that she needs to be a little nicer to the sister who sleeps right next to her at night!

I know I would. And I had to. After all, I have two sisters!


But we never, ever fought like that…right aunties?! (wink, wink)

Until next time…


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