Molar Meltdown

Sunday was a rough day, to say the least, for Theodore. The evil molars have made a return…and Theo just does not know what to do with himself.

At first things were going pretty well on Sunday and we went to the Wegman’s park at Onondaga Lake while Rob went bike riding. It was pretty early in the day, and just after Theo had his lunch. The plan was to spend the day out in the sun, and then meet up with dad for lunch.

I made sure the girls were wearing the same color and that they could tell me what I was wearing since I was doing this trip solo. I kept telling the girls that I’d be with Theo and that they would have to stick together and I’d keep a look out for them.

And away we went! Theo gravitated toward the swings and the girls, well, they went WILD! Gretchen headed for the tallest, biggest slide while Olena tried her hand and the monkey bars…

We spent a good hour or so at the park and got the call from dad to meet him at, appropriately, Wegman’s DeWitt.

After the girls begged for some ice cream from the ice cream truck (“But, maaaahhhmmm, it’s an ice cream truck!”) we headed to the van over to meet dad. The girls were talking about what they were going to get at Wegman’s, with Gretchen settling on Doritos of all things, when Theo decided that would be the perfect time to start hitting himself in the head with his apple (not an Ipod, it’s a Vtech toy).

As I’m barreling down 690 East to DeWitt I hear not a gentle tap, but a SMACK! SLAM! and then the screaming. Quick thinking I said “No Theodore” and I grabbed the apple out of his hands. He proceeded to scream, to try to get out of his booster seat, even to reach forward to hit me. All while in busy afternoon traffic. I had to pull to the side of the road and wait for him to calm down a bit.

My heart broke in a million pieces. Not only could I NOT help Theodore, but I also had to tell the girls we weren’t going to Wegman’s. That Theo had to get home.

A still distressed Theo started to calm down a bit and that’s when Gretchen started whining and crying because she couldn’t get the Doritos.

Sorry, girls, but sometimes life gets in the way. This is our reality. This is our life. If we had gone to the store to meet dad, no one would have a good time.

Someday you will understand.

Thankfully, Theo settled and even started humming to himself. I turned some music on and got back on the road and we headed home. He had some snacks and then it was time for dinner. We ate relatively early, trying to get outside again to try to enjoy the late summer weather. As I was cooking dinner for dad and the girls, Theo joined me in the kitchen, again with the apple. Things were going well, until


He started hitting his head again, crying his eyes out. I was able to get him safely to the couch, but he decided to go upstairs. Since dinner was on the stove, Rob went with him just to make sure he wouldn’t injure himself. He got into his tent. Rob zipped it up. And Theodore continued to scream and thrash around. As soon as I finished cooking, I went upstairs to sit with him.

He continued to cry and sob. Rocking hard.

I told him that I wasn’t going to let him out until he could get things under control. That I was sorry that he hurt but that we had already given him something for it.

He calmed down. Not sure if it was me, of if it was because I turned on some classical music.

I unzipped his tent.

He looked at me, grabbed his Flyers blanket, and basically wrapped himself around me as if to say “mom, I didn’t mean it.”

My poor little boy. We came down stairs again, and he fell asleep in my arms. I let him nap a bit (besides I was afraid to move). And I started to cry.

We both were emotionally spent.

It was one of those days when I curse that stoopid Autism.


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