IMAGE My momSometimes you just need to talk to your mom. My mom is 82 and lives in New Hartford. It’s particularly hard to call her sometimes, especially after yesterday’s meltdown. Part of me wants to not share it with her but I know she wants to know. Part of me holds back because if she lived next door, she’d drop her things and come over if she could.

She already thinks I live in another state (I’m one county over).

My mom was never good on the phone. She likes to get the info and get off. Short and sweet. I think she was always afraid that someone would be listening in, or at the exact moment you are making that call, something important is going to happen and someone will try to call you to tell you about it (but then you’d miss the call because you were on the phone for more than  a minute or two!).

After all, my mom unplugs her microwave. SHe’s afraid it will just go off if you leave it plugged in. True story.

Usually I don’t call anyone on nights like we had just witnessed, but I needed it. I reached for the phone and called Millie. I needed my mommy. You never get tired of that.

The Phone Call

Ring, ring.


“Hi mom.”

IMAGE Mom playing with the girlsHi. How are you? Is everyone OK.

Yeah… Did you call me?

No, why?

Well, the phone rang and no one left a message. I just figured it was you.

No, not me. Maybe it was your sisters.

What, and they can’t leave a message? What are they too good for the machine (drama). I just figured it was you.

Nope. Not me. So how’s everyone.

Ok. Theo’s had a (pause) hard day, but we had a good day yesterday (Saturday).

Oh, and how’s Theo.

What, ugh, I just TOLD you…*Silent sob* Oh, ah, OK. I think he’s having a hard time with his…(pause) teeth. He’s (pause) hitting himself in the head again and he’s just beside himself. I think it’s his molars.

Oh my poor boy. He has no way of telling you what’s going on. Tomorrow’s another day. It’ll be ok.

(Silent sob slowly morphing into uglycry) Yeah, *sniff* I know…

It’s hard on you too honey. Where you able to get anything else done today?

SNIFF Nope. (SO totally stuffy that I can’t even talk now. Stoopiduglycry)

And the girls? How are they?

They’re good. They’re good little helpers. Gretchen left a toy in Theo’s bed tonight for him. SOBBING

See, that’s good. That’ll make him smile.


You get some rest now ok.



I’ll try.

I love you.

OK. (Ineligible sounds that were supposed to say…I love yo too, mom. :-).

Those of you out there who can do this, take some time out and hug your mom. Tell her thank you. Tell her you appreciate all her hard work. Because nothing beats a hug from mom…even if it’s via the phone, and lasts less than a minute.

Thank you Mad Millie!


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