I Hate Mornings

IMAGE Backpacks

Well, at least the bags are ready…

My kiddos are in Kindergarten. With that, comes the, dreaded…morning routine from HELL!!!Why, you ask, is it so hard to get three 5-year-olds out the door each day? Even after doing this for a year?? How can that be?

The house is chaos from the time we get up until Theo’s bus comes (he get’s picked up last, unlike last year). I won’t even get into the medications that are distributed, the special requested breakfast items, the oatmeal that may or may not be the right consistency…or the fact that there ARE two adults trying to get three kids out the door. WOefully we are outnumbered… But here are the main problems as I see them. Currently.


Part of the problem is that, no matter how many times I suggest to Olena she will not get ready. Of course, she is the first one “awake”. She likes to watch me get ready. She likes to “hide” when dad comes in the room, and exits. She will try to carry on a conversation while I am drying my hair (At this point she could be asking for pink puppies — I can’t hear a thing when I’m drying my hair. I should be careful when she does this because I usually just sit there and shake my head in agreement.).

And then there’s always the clothing problem… even if I pick something out for her, she may at the last moment decide it’s not the right outfit. Like this morning, four minutes before the bus came, she decided she could not wear the pants I had picked out that matched the shirt she had on because, and I quote, “no one can see my Dora. My Doras on my sneakers!”

OH yeah, those sneakers…I bought them for her for the beginning of the school year. She wore them on the first day of school. Then LOST one of the sneakers…misplaced them in the giant box of toys… only to be discovered THIS MORNING!


Gretchen usually is really good in the morning. Except she does love to sleep in, so I usually have to wake her up while the other two are running around. She does manage to change out of her PJs and into her school clothes before Olena. But then Olena starts crying and complaining, wondering how is it Gretchen can get ready before she can (um, why are you asking me Olena?). The thing with Gretchen is she does not take kindly to telling her, well more like encouraging her, to continue with the breakfast routine. Such as, oh, asking her to pick something up.

It will go something like this:

Gretchen, I need you to…

OH, MOM, IT’S GOING TO TAKE FOREEEVVVEEEERRRRRRR! (meanwhile she IS picking up what I ask her to).


Theodore, also, for the most part is quite cooperative in the morning, as long as he gets what he wants. Simple, right. WRONG. Sometimes the poor little guy doesn’t quite know what he wants, which can cause a meltdown. PLUS the strongly worded words of encouragement (OK, yelling) at Olena gets to him, combined with the sound of frustration in my voice while dealing with Miss Whiney, and he’s either hitting me in the arm to tell me to “stop” OR he is in meltdown mode because everyone, usually by 7:40 or so, is just crazy upset.

So while mornings are frustrating in more ways than one, we will at least get some sort of routine going…

I have a responsibility chart that I plan on breaking out for the girls to follow…besides, Theo will get used to the routine very soon.

IMAGE Theo gets on the bus


And once those molars come in, he’ll be a bit more relaxed (and hopefully sleeping through the night again).My question is, what works for you? We already set out clothes the night before, and pack most of our materials in our back packs the night before… but how do you best tackle the morning rush at your house short of adding something special to your coffee;-)

Until next time.


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