Nothing is Perfect

“Nothing is perfect, only the creator is perfect.”

IMAGE Olena, ready for school

Miss Olena is very happy in this picture because she is off to school!

I need to remind my darling daughter of that fact. Miss Olena, as of late, has been very grumpy toward me, toward Gretchen…and this can be because

A) She is getting sick. She usually brings everyone down as she gets worse and worse. I hope it’s not that.

B) She is jealous of the attention that Theodore has been getting because he’s had a hard time dealing with molars, lack of sleep, etc. C) She has long been insistant that SHE is the only one in this house of triplets (if that makes any sense). or D) It’s all of the above, or a combination of the above, wrapped around the fact that she is tired from the new schedule at school.I know she doesn’t mean it, but she has been pushing everyone’s buttons. And I am exhausted tonight. I even, at one point, told her that she is not the only child in this house who needs attention.

I will try again tomorrow.

And I will just walk away and not get engaged…

There’s always tomorrow.


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