One Month In, One Down

It was only a matter of time… this year we made it about a month…a record for us!

I  am sitting here with Theodore as he is running a fever.

He usually bundles way up and night so for him waking up feeling toasty is normal. But he didn’t eat much yesterday or the day before for that matter, and his molars have been an ongoing problem, so today when he got up with a temp higher than 100 and rosy-red cheeks, I made the last-minute call to keep him home.

He’s in a generally good mood. I hope it continues and this is just a one day thing. In fact he seems really interested in the computer keyboard.

I say, be GONE germs. Leave us alone. Especially before the other two get back home from school.

Now, off to find something online to pique Theo’s interest. Or at least to keep his hands off the keyboard while I post here 😉

Until next time friends…


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