Grandma Millie

I had wanted to post this around Mother’s Day and I just rediscovered this.

I wrote this in honor of my mom’s 80th birthday. I thought I’d share it with you all.

I hope someday my kiddos will make a list like this for me.

80 things we LOVE about Mom/Grandma (in no particular order)

You were a traveling Ukrainian dancer.

You listen to polka music.

You look great in a babushka.

You wear a plastic rain bonnet.

You’re the only grandma we know who is searching for an eyebrow pencil.

You never go anywhere without your red lipstick.

You taught us girls you can look “done” with just lipstick.

Two words: PIN CURLS!

You curled my hair in those foamy rollers — sometimes not so successfully…

You always had to be in Binghamton in time for church.

You only swear when you’re really, REALLY mad.

You used to give me a “bowl” cut.

You carry your purse like a football.

You have faith.

You married a guy because he wanted to save money on gas.

You moved away from all your friends in Binghamton to start a new life with dad.

You still keep in touch with the ladies from Binghamton.

You’re strong.

You always made sure you had plenty of food to give to any guests who may show up at the house.

You spent many nights (and days) taking care of sick kids.

You let me bring the whole Cross Country/Track and Field teams over to the house for spaghetti dinner!

You always had dinner ready for dad and for us.

You make great lasagna and meatballs for a Ukrainian chick!

We love the way you stand at attention at the door when you’re waiting for a ride.

You won my junior prom date his tuxedo!

You have very sturdy shoulders to cry on.

Ahh… all those afternoons, coloring!

You helped me fix the “hat” on the number 5. Mrs. Dawes couldn’t even do that!

We loved all those trips to Hapanowicz as a kid — especially those free samples of bologna!

What a treat it was getting Joe’s Pizza (or Voss’s) for dinner.

You’re very gentile and loving — but you’re afraid of our cat!

Hello? 11 Grandkids!!!!

You have a great sense of humor.

You love to laugh.

You taught us that chocolate must be eaten before it goes bad!

You like to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.

You taught us to be prepared (and always wear clean underwear).

Every time is snows you call and check up on us, even though we don’t live in Syracuse (or Oswego).

You and Stephanie drove all the way out to Fayetteville and then had to back track to come to Canastota when the triplets first came home.

You stayed overnight with us when Olena first came home and Gretchen and Theo were still in the NICU.

You always tell me to kiss and hug the triplets for you.

You took me to Sangertown Square and we walked around holding hand (until Matt caught us and told the entire school that we were holding hands).

You gave me two strong brothers and two beautiful sisters (don’t tell them I said so).

You taught us that sometimes you just want a good hamburger.

You spent hours dropping me off and picking me up from school.

You spent hours giving my friends rides home (or to the mall).

You still did plenty of chores while you were sick.

You showed me how to do word search puzzles.

You let me nap on the couch while you listened to the AM radio in the kitchen.

You’re very hard on your socks. You always want socks for a gift!

You love to go barefoot.

You watch “The Young and The Restless.”

You STILL don’t know all the character names on Y&R except for  “The Dark Knight.”

You have a funny laugh.

You like to watch “that funny lady” on PBS after “The Lawrence Welk Show.”

You’re loyal to your friends.

You have beautiful skin.

Thanks for all the trips to Delta Lake.

And thanks for all the trips to the fish hatchery!!

I’m glad that I’ll always be your baby (awwww).

Your phone calls are short and to the point.

You know gossip before I do.

You taught us never to watch a thunderstorm like those neighborhood boys, and to never make a phone call during one.

You let us go out and play in the summer rain.

Mom First Aid: You put a slice of bread on my hand when I cut it. And boy where those ER doctors confused by the crumbs…

You called Joan to tell her about the milk bottle incident — and she sent little Mike over with a box of Band-Aids.

You sang in the church choir. I enjoyed singing with you but boy was Aunt Mary off-key!!!

You can whistle. I’m jealous. I can’t.

You share what you have with others.

You’re always worried that your grass is too long!

You have grace but you can be clumsy. (How is the wrist?)

You had such a relieved and joyous look on your face after I told you I was pregnant. Then you cried. I’ll never forget.

You like my shape. How can I not love that?!

You never pass up an opportunity for dessert.

As a teen you had me call Melissa up because I needed a haircut…but you told me to tell her I needed it set. Imagine her surprise when I walked in!

You made me take baths as a kid after playing in the ditch with the neighbors (smart move).

You didn’t mind the day-long freeze tag games with the neighbors. (Finally we were out of the house!)

You have a great smile, but always pick your head up in pictures?!!!

Kolachki and buchta rolls, cake and chocolate chip cookies, all homemade and …YUMMY!

No matter what — you are you! Mom to 5 kids, 11 grandkids, and numerous neighborhood kids. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Grandma Millie

  1. How come I don’t know the story with this one…
    You won my junior prom date his tuxedo!
    The picking her head up in photos, is to prevent the double chin. Just like putting a TV on the wall would have prevented them too…

    • I thought you knew about that? THey had an event at NH Shopping Center and we entered a few raffles and she won Andre his prom tux from Vitullos. Mom rocks.

      And, yes, I knew about the whole head up thing.

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