Halloween Invite: Fine Print

I wish our friend Daniel was in the house tonight. I couldn’t help but wonder what he would have thought of Olena’s performance.

Daniel plays soccer with the girls. He would like to have some friends over to his house for a small Halloween party. And his dad suggested he ask the Gretchen and Olena to come.

Daniel’s response went something like this:

Ok. But, dad, they need to play nice. That one girl wouldn’t let the other kick the ball. They don’t know how to share.

I told his dad that, perhaps, Daniel should tell this to the girls because I tell them the same thing…and it seems that no one hears mommy.

Anyhow, tonight Olena had a fit in the car. It was triggered by a key chain that was too big to fit on her backpack.

The yelling ensued. “I can’t put this on! I can’t put this on!!”

I did not engage. I got Gretchen out of the car. I then got Theo out of the car. And Olena melted down even farther (she refused to get out of the car). Now she was complaining her backpack was stuck.

I very calmly told her I was not giving in to it. And I took the other kids toward the porch, and eventually inside…when she completely lost it. So she finally jumped out of the car.

And continued to all the way down the driveway, along the sidewalk onto the porch, and inside the house.

I just told her to go upstairs and calm down.

She proceeded to scream for 30 minutes. Stomp her feet around. Almost kept it up the whole time. Almost. She finally calmed down after daddy came home.

But how do I handle this? DO I continue to ignore it. I can’t talk to her when she’s like this, she just screams louder. And 1-2-3 Magic did not work at all tonight.


I know this will pass too, eventually. I just want to know I am dealing with this correctly.


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