Posted in October 2012

Dear 15 year old Alexia

CNN did a feature today — in honor of International Day of the Girl — where they asked famous women to respond to the following: “To my 15-year-old self,’ Things I Wish I Known.” And that got me thinking…what would I tell myself? Waaay back in 1987…. Dear Lexi (Let’s See, Turkey Legs, Beaker), It’s me, from the … Continue reading

Weekend Thoughts

So here’s what I learned since I last wrote… A phone call to Aunt Janet after Olena’s last meltdown has made a difference already. Some strategies have been put in place and while we are not meltdown free, we seem to be handling these situations a little better. First, these kids are tired. While they … Continue reading

Take my Daughter, Please

Mom and Dads who have NT kids along with ASD kids, please tell me what to do. I think Olena is acting up because she may feel a little jealous from everything we have to do with Theo. It’s not that we’re ignoring her, but she’s putting up a fight every chance she can get. … Continue reading