Take my Daughter, Please

Mom and Dads who have NT kids along with ASD kids, please tell me what to do.

I think Olena is acting up because she may feel a little jealous from everything we have to do with Theo.

It’s not that we’re ignoring her, but she’s putting up a fight every chance she can get. But it seems as though she only does it at home. Tonight was such a night.

I tried to put her in timeout tonight and her sweater went flying, her feet went a stomping, and that mouth…boy oh boy.

So I sat down and wrote her teacher a letter (still not sure if I will send it in) telling Mrs. Paul how Olena was reacting and how I had a hard time dealing with her. And then when Olena found out about the letter, she slammed her hands/arms against the table. “You are not sending her a letter.”

Yes I am…

Needless to say, it went on and on to the point where I contacted our neighbor and simply asked her to please, take her…Take her because I didn’t know what to do.

I was on the verge of tears. Or getting into a shouting match with a 5-year-old.

Thankfully our neighbor was home, and she took Olena for a walk to cool off.

It seemed to work, and she did chill out, only to come home later to lay into me…yet again.

So, any tips for this mama? Would mommy and Olena only activities alleviate this? Is this just a phase and something all kids go through? And, parents, what has gotten you through these moments because if things keep up like this, the wine and the sweets will be gone by Thursday morning.

But we will try again tomorrow.

Until then, some wine…a little cookie or 2…and early to bed for me.


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