Dear 15 year old Alexia

CNN did a feature today — in honor of International Day of the Girl — where they asked famous women to respond to the following: “To my 15-year-old self,’ Things I Wish I Known.”

And that got me thinking…what would I tell myself? Waaay back in 1987….

Dear Lexi (Let’s See, Turkey Legs, Beaker),

It’s me, from the future, your 40-year-old future. Seriously. Stop laughing. C’mon… OK, put down the Rave hair spray, the hair brush/microphone (although you are rocking it), turn down the Duran Duran and listen up.

Today, on 10/11/12 (cool — hu?!), CNN celebrated International Day of the Girl. Yay us! Anyhow, they talked to some pretty famous women (Wait until you see how famous Oprah gets!) and it got me to thinking I need to reach out to my teenage self, ah, to you. So… here goes.

First, let’s get this out of the way right now. You will not marry Simon LeBon. Won’t happen. You know, he being famous and English and all and you live just outside of Utica.

See I KNEW that would get your attention.

On to things you should know.

Stop perming your hair. Please. You are not fooling anyone.

Be proud of your pool-cue-blue eye shadow. Wear it proudly. Then, put it away. Good news brown eyes, it goes out of style.

Don’t ever be afraid to be yourself. You do that now. But you really need to stand up for yourself and believe in yourself. You’ve got this!

On that note, stop trying to be someone you are not. You are not your siblings. They are a special part of you but they, too, are not you. Just be the best Alexia there is. On that note…

Basketball does not suit you. You will see that you are much better at sports in which you keep the ball away, like volleyball. Better yet, stick to running!

You will be thankful your parents kept aware of your every move. You really aren’t missing anything listening to your 80s music. So your classmates may be busy this weekend…so what. It’s OK that you are home doing your homework.

And although they drive you nuts, your parents are doing their best. You will miss your dad but he is giving you such great memories every day. You mom will also drive you nuts but her words will make so much more sense when you get older, and even more sense if possible when you have kids.

Oh yes, it’ll be a struggle, but you will have kids.

You are always trying to look outside of Utica, New York Mills, New Hartford, etc. And while it’s OK to dream, it’s also OK to be close to home. Being close to home has many benefits, and you will enjoy a career here.

You will go to Utica College. You will meet extraordinary people and some will be forever friends. You should thank your dad for suggesting it. That’s where you meet your husband.

Most importantly take all those notions of the perfect family, the white picket fence and two-story home, the 2 kids and the dog and throw them out of the window.

Although you know that everyone is different, and that no one is perfect, it will come home to you in the future in more ways than one. Your family will be far from typical…but to you, it will be perfect. And that, my friend, is all that matters.






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