Goodbye October

Two roses and the THORN in the middle

Olena, me and Gretchie… Happy Halloween…Goodbye October!

So I was out of blogging commission, if you will, for almost a month.. Let’s just say it was a rough month in the Mylifeintriplicate household. ON top of the fact that four out of five of us, that being me and the triplets all were out for a WEEK with a nasty virus, things just kept piling up on us…or so it seemed.

Good news is, we are on the mend! And we are recovering well…but we need to get some things back in order.

First off, poor Theo has busted his specialized sleep tent. We have a temporary replacement but the actual tent we ordered for him (Nickel Bed Tent) will not be delivered until January at the earliest. That’s a long way to go! The nicest thing about the tent we have now, other than he can’t get out and if you have a kiddo with autism like Theo you know how much they do LOVE to wander…all hours of the night… it made it easy to travel with him. Now, it’s holding up OK, but really can’t be disassembled.

Today we got a regular replacement tent. I’m hoping it will hold up to his rocking and keep him content until January. We shall see…

We have also started new sleep meds with Theodore. The melatonin worked great for about a year but late in September and into October, Theodore was going to sleep at 7:30 and getting up at 3 a.m. … ready to go. for. the. day! I wrote about that here. The sleep deprivation was taking a toll on EVERYONE! And usually the girls sleep through everything.

We’ve been on the new sleep meds for just over a week and so far, aside from the time change, he’s adjusted quite nicely AND we’ve noticed he’s just a bit happier 🙂 during the day.

And then, there’s the girls. They have decided that the only time they’re happy is when they are fighting. OK, maybe they did not decide that, but I have summarized that…if you will. We had some wicked shouting matches…but those are getting less and less thankfully.

Truly those viruses really knocked us all for a loop! (viral bronchitis combined with 3+ days of fever for all 4 of us. Not fun.)

But, like I said, we are slowly getting back to our normal. Rob and I actually had a date night! And we are starting to alternate nights at the Oneida Y (a great stress reliever for mom and dad!)

And also, to help us recover, we have decided that this year it would be best for us to stay home for Thanksgiving. Not that we wouldn’t want to go and see our family in NJ, but this year it’s just not in the cards. (If you are wondering, our families in NJ all made it through Hurricane Sandy OK…but that shore…oh that shore….)

It’s a tough decision but sometimes it’s just best to stay home 🙂

Until next time friends…


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