Three-Day-Weekend Roller Coaster!

IMAGE Theo wanted to walk, so away we went

Theo wanted to walk late today so here we are, blowing off some energy, walking around the block. Howdy neighbors!

First off let me say that what I share here is not meant to embarrass anyone, or make anyone feel bad. This what I am experiencing as a mom to triplets, and a mom to a son with Autism.With that said, I love these kiddos, no matter what!

This three-day-weekend, which probably in my DINK (dual income no kids) days, would have been like a vacation! Here, there, everywhere. Doing what I want to do, when I wanted…sleeping late, maybe taking a road trip to Canada for the heck of it, just Rob and I.

Now these three-day-weekends are like a roller coaster. It’s up and down, and up and down, and sometimes just scares the crap out of you…because, let’s face it, no one knows what to expect.

This weekend was just like that.

Saturday: We had two first for Theodore on our list — party at Pepi’s Pizza in Oneida for our neighbor, which means going to a public restaurant full of things my son won’t touch, look at, or even consider eating. THe second was, and this was slightly scarier in my opinion, getting his hair cut at the salon instead of the comfort of home with his toys, blankets, and sisters by his side.

He actually fared quite well on Saturday and I was quite impressed. He handled Pepi’s pretty well. And I even mentioned on FB that on a meltdown scale of 1 to 10 (10 being nuclear) he scored maybe a 3 tops. Best part was he was over and self-soothed himself before we even realized he was in meltdown mode, if that makes any sense. He ran into the kitchen twice (sorry guys) and the staff just pretty much let him do his thing, which was nice. But before all this happened he was one of the first kids to get on the rides and go to town so, hooray for Theo.

On the flip side, however, Miss Olena decided that instead of being with the other kids, she would stick right by my side as I was comforting Theo. At first I thought maybe she was just jealous of the attention. But, no, deep down she did not want to play because Theo was not having fun. I even told her she had all day to sit by our sides, to go and play, she just wouldn’t budge…until Theo and daddy left for the salon.

Dad reported that Theo had a minor meltdowns at Mary’s House of Style (check her FB page out) but all I know is he and daddy both came back with short hair. So, again, if he had a meltdown, it was over quick. Dad even reported that Theo was sitting in the massage chair, the one normally reserved for mani/pedis… so he did have some fun out of it.

Sunday: FInally we were going to be celebrating our cousin’s birthday after her mom had the same triplet virus (see here) that we did. Anyhow, we were looking forward to it, and it was gorgeous outside! ONly problem is…Theo was NOT having any of it. At all. He was done almost as soon as we got there. I think he was tired and his molars were bugging him (ugh, teeth!) so he and daddy instead went to the van. And it was almost immediate. But there he felt comfy, and ate his snacks and his Powerade, and was just rocking away.

Which meant for a very tricky afternoon. After all the girls were busy playing, my family was there, my niece’s birthday for Pete’s sake…and it’s just frustrating to know your little boy should be outside running around with his cousins but he’s so uncomfortable that he’d rather stay in his car seat in his van.

This was one of those days when, having a non-verbal son, is just exhausting. You know he’s hurting. He knows he’s hurting. And he just can’t tell you what is going on, until he starts hitting his head, and his ear, on his eat.

Rest of the night was spent chasing him around, chasing him away from the banister and other sources of wood…because the beaver is back and his molars are on FIRE!

Overnight, those molars got him up again (second night in a row…at 2 a.m.).

MONDAY: Today we had another first, going to a bounce house in a mall. (Remember the last time we went to the mall?!) I took the trips solo. Off the bat, Gretchen was ZOOM GONE! Theo found a chair, and a relatively quiet spot, and — ugh — some wood, and tried to sooth himself best he could. Olena, stuck right by our side…again.

But finally, after 30 minutes, and a little encouragement, I took Theo into one of the bounce houses. He seemed to like it. We lasted until the rest of the kiddos at the event found us. And it got ROWDY!

Then, he ventured out by himself and just felt the motion of the bouncy slide. And with that, Olena was off and running. We spent an hour at the playhouse, which was plenty enough. We rode home, happy. But, yet again, the molars struck, combined with lack of sleep, made for quite a handful tonight.

Point is, it was a weekend chock full of ups and downs and as hard as it was, and as frustrating as those downs, lows, got…we had some amazing thrills, smiles, and fun out of it. And isn’t that what childhood is all about?!


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