Theodore: An Update

How is it a boy with super swollen gums one night wakes up with NO swelling, but then by the end of the next day (which happens to be today) be swollen again?!

See people…this is why I hate teeth.

Now I know the girls are getting their molars too, but they are taking it in stride. These molars are making Theo obsess about things. He can no longer enjoy his bath at night, let alone night time at all, because he’s so tired from being focused on his teeth and — I imagine — the pain, that by bedtime he is absolutely exhausted.

And what happens when an ASD kid is overwhelemed? Mom has to sit with him, sometimes hold him tightly, until the storm/meltdown passes.

And then he just falls asleep.

So, again, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF PETE… molars come through already. Please.

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