Extremes: We’ve Got It

Last week was a hectic week…

(Wait, let that sink in. Every week is a hectic week.)

Ok, really, in the Mylifeintriplicate household, last week was crazy. Not only did we have a change in schedules with the holidays, the time off from school, but add ridiculous molar pain to the list…and it was just not a great week.

Theo's Thanksgiving

Theo’s Thanksgiving at home with dad. He wouldn’t have eaten turkey anyway.

On Tuesday I got 4 phone calls — three from Theo’s school, one from his daycare — all because he was beside himself in pain and doing some hitting, biting… all the good stuff.On Wednesday while the girls did awesome at day care (all day, mind you), I didn’t get a call for Theo. However, I was told when I picked him up that he had a sad day.

Then Thursday, on Thanksgiving, Theo was so upset and could not calm down. He actually spent most of the morning hanging out in his room in his bed tent. In light of this we thought it would be best for him to stay home (with daddy, what a guy!) while the girls and I went to my brother’s for the holiday.

I was beside myself with this decision but it worked out for the best. By noontime he seemed to have recovered, and was pretty calm most of the day.

The rest of the weekend was 50-50…Lots of ups and downs.

So, come this morning, I was worried again (but maybe I was picking up on something?). You see, while Theo was obsessed with his molars and in pain last week he could not focus. Today, he was so happy and giddy and flippy, that he couldn’t focus.

Yin and Yang, I guess.

It stinks that he couldn’t complete any tasks at school today, and it sounds like his teachers and therapists were more than busy with him, but I will take flappy happy instead of Mr. Molar any day. ANY DAY!

Now, if we could get a good inbetween…I’d be even happier with that.

Until next time…



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